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Alpha 530 Crimping machine - 2

DURABLE INVESTMENTS Stable, tried-and-tested technology combined with innovative solutions secures and increases the added value of your company. Alpha 530 – the fully automatic wire processing machine for crimping and loading of seals – on both sides – meets these criteria with its solid, powerful technology. In addition, double crimp, sleeve assembly and ferrule assembly can also be efficiently processed and the strands twisted and tinned. The quick set-up and changeover times of Alpha 530 contribute to high productivity. High process capability and retrofittable quality options such as...

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Alpha 530 Crimping machine - 5

Maximum productivity in no time at all and ergonomic to operate via touch intervention and ensures quality control of Short distances for the operator between screen, keyboard and mouse. The intuitive even the finest wires. The ACD detects the crimping, cable and cutting stations, as user interface makes it possible to load slightest contact between the blade and well as LED-illuminated work zones in- the next job on the fly – as well as prepare the conductor strand during the stripping crease productivity. The user interface is material and tools. Control displays and clearly structured...

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Alpha 530 Crimping machine - 6


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Alpha 530 Crimping machine - 7

Crimp modules C1370 / C1360 / C1340 Shortest setup and conversion times are achieved thanks to efficient user guidance with wire positioning directly on the module. CFA+ assures the highest level of quality and the lowest possible rate of rejects. In combination with time savings productivity can be increased considerably. Functions such as stroke and split cycle are easily programmed. The C1370/C1360 adjusts the crimp hight automatically during the teaching process. The C1370 also offers maximum positioning accuracy and sequencing capability. S1441 seal module for maximum flexibility The...

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Alpha 530 Crimping machine - 9

INDUSTRIAL CONFIGURATION TINNING MODULE Double gripper module With the double gripper module, two wires can be connected in one crimp. Sleeve module The sleeve insertion module mci 792 marks up with an efficient and reliable insertion of different sleeve types on one device. By an application set the device quickly can be converted to other sleeve types. X1585 The X1585 fluxing/tinning module enables versatile, lead-free tinning of strand ends. Constant tin flow allows for consistent quality. X1582 The X1582 twists stripped wire ends and offers the ideal basis for optimum tinning processes....

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Alpha 530 Crimping machine - 10

Basic wire deposit module 2 m: 3825 mm (150.6 n) i Basic wire deposit module 4 m: 5770 mm (227 n) i Height with cover closed: 1790 mm (70.5 in) Height with cover completely open (maximum opening): 2790 mm (109.8 in) FLRY conductors Pressure Deposit gripper Crimp force monitoring 2000 Seal module Crimp module Wire feed speed Active Crimp / Crimp Crimp-Seal / Crimp-Seal The actual output rate can vary with application and machine configuration. Options and accessories Automatic delivery systems Wire drive Belt drive Marking systems Komax 26 hot-stamp marker • Komax IMS inkjet marking systems...

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Alpha 530 Crimping machine - 11

The finished cables are placed in the smooth deposit unit made of stainless steel. Technical data Wire cross sections Wire draw-in speed Outer diameter of conductor Length range Full stripping Half stripping Crimp force Process modules side 1   2 / Noise level < 80 dB (without crimp tool) Electrical connection Air consumption Crimp / Crimp Seal crimp / Seal crimp Weight (incl. 2 crimp modules) The efficient belt drive reliably draws in the cable at a speed of up to 9 m/s. * Very hard or tough wires may not be able to be processed under certain circumstances although they are within the...

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Alpha 530 Crimping machine - 12

Komax – leading the field now and in the future As a pioneer and market leader in the field of automated wire processing, Komax provides its customers with innovative and sustainable solutions for any situation that calls for precise contact connections. Komax manufactures series and customer-specific machinery for various industries, catering to every degree of automation and customization. Its range of quality tools, test systems, and intelligent networking solutions complete the portfolio, and ensure safe and efficient production. Komax is a globally active Swiss company with development...

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