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Servoturn® 410/1000


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Servoturn® 410/1000 - 1

High Precision turning just as on a CNC Machine Specialists at ABP Racing use the Servoturn® 410/1000 for high-precision customizations of classic engines. In his tuning workshop, Ralf Welzmüller breathes new life into old cars and fine-tunes racing engines for increased performance. The specialists at ABP Racing can literally“ turn it up” with their KNUTH Servoturn® 410/1000, a servo-conventional lathe that delivers superior precision. It all began 30 years ago, when Ralf Welzmüller started a replacement mance test bench to other tuning specialists, sold tuning parts from his 65-square-foot basement and also repaired race and sales of the tuning parts he developed are cars for his friends. Over the years, the business and the tuning workshop doing extremely well. His passion, however, is for motorcycles and ATVs have experienced continuous growth and many his third mainstay: Welzmüller specializes in op- changes. “It is important to watch and anticipate market developments in timizing and repairing cylinder heads, and his order to respond appropriately and at the right time,” says Welzmüller. To- day, he also leases his fully equipped perfor- parts business in Dettenhausen, Germany. The passionate motocross racer services in this field are in very high demand. For more information, please visit w

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Servoturn® 410/1000 - 2

His customers bring him cylinder heads from very expensive or very old cars and motorcycles, for which replacement parts would cost a fortune or are no longer available today. For some, he is the last hope. “We were able to save a rare Bianchi from the 1930s by restoring the heavily damaged cylinder head”, Welzmüller stated as an example. “It took a lot of effort and hard work, but to see this beautiful car in its original condition is absolutely priceless”. Servoturn® 410/1000 Servo-Conventional Precision Lathe » electronic hand-wheels » workpiece lengths up to 1,050 mm User-friendly, more...

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Servoturn® 410/1000 - 3

Ralf Welzmüller can set gauges and stops with ease and precision via electronic hand-wheels. “And since I can save these settings for future recalls, I get high repeatability – it’s like having a CNC-Light machine”, he added enthusiastically. Precise gauge/stop adjustments accurate to the micrometer can be made now be infinitely adjusted between 50 and 100 via electronic hand-wheels and saved with the push of a button. “This Teach- percent during conventional turning,” explained In function allows the reuse of values in batch productions, ensuring high Hamann. “The axes are moved via...

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Servoturn® 410/1000 - 4

To ensure a smoothly running engine, the valve feed-throughs must be machined with accuracy to the 100th of a millimeter. First-Class Service Ralf Welzmüller and his employees attended a two-day training course to learn about all the setup options of the Servoturn® and its optimal use for machining valve seat inserts and feed-throughs. “This was a great experience, plus I can call the KNUTH service technician any time to get immediate professional help”, said Welzmüller. “And if a part ever fails, it will be replaced promptly.” Such superior service is another big plus for Welzmüller, in...

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