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Milling hard steel (500 HB)


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Milling hard steel (500 HB) SAFETY SHIELDS FOR THE RECYCLING INDUSTRY Steel with a Brinell hardness of 500 is tough in every aspect, including in regards to its machinability VST Verschleißtechnik conquers this challenge by using conventional gantry-type milling machines from KNUTH. Specialist for custom solutions For three generations Josef Schulte’s family has been in the steel machining business. Since 1985 the business shifted its focus increasingly to the production of custom wear plates for the recycling industry. “Our customers are mainly scrap metal processors, shredders or general recycling operations, and increasingly wood processing operations that want to convert their waste to energy, or also agricultural operations with focus on soil cultivation,” explained Josef Schulte. Today, Josef Schulte runs VST Verschleißtechnik together with his business partner, Johannes Stiens. For more information, please visit

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Stability – a fundamental success factor With 30 employees at its headquarters in Warburg, Germany, the company pro- to protect machinery and equipment as long as pos- cesses 1000 tons of materials per year for their customers. Their main customer base is in Germany, only about 20 % of their orders come from neighboring Eu- rough environment during shredding of metals, ropean countries. “We serve a wide variety of customers, from machine man- electronics, wood, tires, or glass,” explained Schul- ufacturers all the way to end users such as stone quarries,” said Schulte. “Our te. In order to...

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Even materials with 500 Brinell hardness are no challenge for the Portamill Duo. This gantry-type milling machine handles any wear bar with superior power and precision. Power meets Precision In 2016, Schulte was looking for a replacement for their old milling machine and turned to KNUTH Machine Tools in Wasbek, Germany. KNUTH project manager, Andreas Hendrich, remembers: “After careful examination of all their criteria, we recommended our Portamill Duo 4012 as an ideal solution to Mr. Schulte.” This gantry-type milling machine provides high machining power and X-axis feed rates up to 2.620...

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Andreas Hendrich (center) of the KNUTH Sales Team arranged a visit at the site of a reference customer to convince Josef Schulte (right) of the power this gantry-type milling machine has to offer. Josef Schulte runs VST Verschleißtechnik together with his business partner, Johannes Stiens. Convincing Milling Performance Schulte was interested, but still had some doubts, if the Portamill Duo could reli- Now the Portamill Duo has been milling extremely ably handle material with a Brinell hardness of 500. “KNUTH was straightforward, hard steel materials for VST since the end of 2016, and took...

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