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Knuth Catalog 2018 - 2

90 YEARS EXPERIENCE, INNOVATION, QUALITY Quality and Reliability since 1923 Your one-stop source for machine tools Visit us at trade shows or at one of our worldwide branches, or at our company headquarters in Wasbek, Germany! In an area of over 16.000 m2 at our headquarters in Wasbek, Germany, we keep more than 100 machines ready for demos and quick delivery. Live Demo of KNUTH Machines Let these machines convince you of their superior quality! Test them together with the experts to see and feel the quality and advantages of our machines. Nothing is more convincing than your own...

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Knuth Catalog 2018 - 3

KNUTH Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH KNUTH Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH Schmalenbrook 14 24647 Wasbek Neumünster Schmalenbrook 14 •• 24647 Wasbek // Neumünster Tel. +49 4321 609-0 Fax +49 4321 68900 Tel. +49 4321 -- 609-0 •• Fax +49 4321 -- 68900 Business hours: Mon Thu 08:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m., Business hours: Mon -- Thu 08:00 a.m. -- 5:00 p.m., Fri 08:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. Fri 08:00 a.m. -- 3:00 p.m. Saturdays: by appointment only Saturdays: by appointment only KNUTH Cutting Technology Center Havelstraße 25 • 24539 Neumünster Tel. +49 4321 - 609-131 (national) Tel. +49...

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Knuth Catalog 2018 - 4

Table of Contents KNUTH SPECIAL STARTING ON PAGE 6 238 ■ Fully automatic ■ Semi-Automatic ■ Vertical Band Saws ■ Metal Circular Saws CUTTING SYSTEMS STARTING ON PAGE ■ Electric Discharge Machining 84 - 87 258 ■ Cylindrical Grinders ■ Surface Grinders ■ Tool Grinders ■ Belt and Disk Sanders PRESSES AND BENDERS STARTING ON PAGE 286 ■ Hydraulic Presses ■ Press Brakes ■ Roll Benders ■ Profile Benders ■ Folding Machines Bench Lathes SHEARS AND PUNCHES STARTING ON PAGE 300 ■ Swing-Beam Shears ■ Profile Steel Cutters ■ Notching Machines ■ Gantry-Type Milling Machines 82, 172 ff ■ Universal...

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Knuth Catalog 2018 - 5

SUPERIOR QUALITY AND CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT - powered by KNUTH Success through individuality During his engineering studies Peter Ronge began building bicycles. Soon he focused on the production of bicycle carriers from high strength steel tubes (Tubus), later he added carriers made of high-strength aluminum (Racktime). Today, the company holds several patents in this field. Ronge explains the changing market: “In the past, you had one standard carrier, today individuality and product individualization is vital. We develop 250 new carrier models per year.” In addition, the company produces...

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Knuth Catalog 2018 - 6

Sinker electric discharge machine ZNC EDM 250 and electric discharge machine DEM 500 X.mill 700 HS with mineral-casting frame The various carrier lines by Tubus Carrier Sys- up to 10 times faster than steel, thus ensuring exceptionally quiet operation. “The X.mill tems feature excellent rigidity and fit, and the is very robust and we use it constantly,” says Ronge. “Here we produce, among other company provides exceptional system solu- things, prototypes made of aluminum, dies for simple injection molded parts, and com- tions. These include, a variety of high-quality plex, one-piece tools....

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Knuth Catalog 2018 - 7

RAILWAY WHEELS FOR THE GLOBAL MARKET New production level at INTERPIPE NTZ / Ukraine Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe in terms of territory. In addition to its enormous wealth of natural resources, the main pillar of the Ukrainian economy is heavy industry, mainly steel, locomotive manufacturing and mechanical engineering. For more than ten years KNUTH Werkzeugmaschinen has been doing business in this region. “Many of the major metal-working companies are among our regular customers,” says Irina Gerdt, Sales Manager CIS at KNUTH. One of them is INTERPIPE NTZ, the third...

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Knuth Catalog 2018 - 8

MODULAR MANUFACTURING WITH CNC LATHES MADE BY KNUTH Modular, flexible, and automated HUMARD Automation SA, with its headquarters in Delémont, Switzerland, designs and builds highly flexible turnkey production lines. The small, compact modules come in various dimensions. They can be combined with each other as well as interposed between process units, such as presses, cutters and welding stations. And they can be linked with manual workstations, handling systems or robots. Modules or complete ranges can be quickly and easily adapted or reused for a new production line. During the intensive...

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Knuth Catalog 2018 - 9

ishing is to 90 percent the preferred technique to achieve these goals. The used SWISS FINISHING SPECIALIST USES CUSTOMIZED NUMTURN 420 LATHE AS FLEXIBLE, ROBUST BASE MACHINE. con carbide or diamond, with specific performance. There are also differences be- polyester films feature different types of corundum, such as aluminum oxide, silitween comparable products from different film manufacturers. “We offer one-stopsolutions and guarantee our customers absolute process reliability. We produce each component according to the customer’s needs, be it rough or fine finishes,” Dudler emphasizes....

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Knuth Catalog 2018 - 10

Set up of the CNC lathes’ Siemens 828D control with an integrated belt finishing machine Control of reliable workpiece clamping, visual inspection of the workpiece surfaces High flexibility and simultaneous machining Customized adjustments The Swiss and his customer were equally satisfied. In 2017, the automotive sup- While techno-finish develops customized machines, the combination of the fin- plier ordered two more machines for use in finishing gears. The components were ishing machine and a full functioning CNC lathe allows for several applications. turned, ground and finished in cellular...

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Knuth Catalog 2018 - 11

Set-up of your machine Maintenance • Repair Start-up of your machine Geometric accuracy testing • Set-up of your KNUTH machine • Start-up of your KNUTH machine • Instructions on how to use your KNUTH machine • Operator training at your KNUTH CNC machine • Maintenance of your KNUTH machine Instructions for your machine Operator training at our facilities • Geometric accuracy testing of your KNUTH machine • Repair of your KNUTH machine • Operator training in the use of your KNUTH CNC machine • Training at KNUTH headquarters in Wasbek, Germany • Software updates for your machine‘s control •...

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