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The pliers company KNIPEX Quality – Made in Germany

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For over 130 years and four generations, we have been working passionately on being the best manufacturer of pliers for our customers and users – with a world, our brand enjoys a great deal of trust, and we aim to consistently meet We are guided by values, orientate our actions towards sustainability, and face up to our responsibility towards society and the natural environment of tomorrow and the day after that – so that we can also continue to be a Ralf Putsch, Managing Partn

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Pliers for Electrical Installation Pliers Wrench Bolt End Cutting Nippers Spring Hose Clamp Plier

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KNIPEX pliers are different: Ever better pliers – that is our guiding principle to which we devote all of but rather continuously develop new and improved models that are better solutions to situations, which then go on to set new benchmarks in the industry: novel methods of power transmission, easier and faster handling, combining various functions in a single tool and imaginative problem In addition to major innovations, we work continuously on reworking our models in lots of small steps to improve their function, ergonomics 1 Compact force: CoBolt® XL – two-hand operation for maximum...

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We never lose sight of the fact that every new or further development must We begin by carefully establishing the requirements and selecting the best a 3D printer and by milling and extensive tests on steel prototypes – naturally using series production processes are subjected to further extensive tests – The locking mechanism on the spring hose clamp pliers permit simple and safe work, even with closed clamps. Modern CAD technology simulates the mechanism on the screen

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Filip Marovic, project manager for KNIPEX Product Development – “It can be seen repeatedly during the development cycles how important even the smallest detail can be. This is the very thing that motivates me to find creative new solutions. During the process we also take new technical possibilities in processing technology and materials into consideration.”

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Core qualities: designed for different requirements and loads, we use steel alloys that have been specially selected for the application and rolled according to our high wires, strength when working with high torque loads, and good resistance in a number of coordinated heat treatment steps to produce the optimal to achieve the high degree of reliability, durability and service life that Macro image of a cutter after induction hardening. The specially hardened cutter area (light) is in sharp contrast to the softer structure of the body of the pliers (dark).

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Handles of the “Alligator® water pump pliers” being forged under the hydraulic double-acting hamme

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This is how our pliers are given their Forging as a forming process is an old cultural technique and continues to glowing piece of steel is pounded in the upper and lower die at a temperature 1 0 The production of the forging die in our toolmaking works requires a great deal of experience and high precision, as this raw component will be crucial Forging die for the high leverage diagonal cutters with forged-in axle.

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The technology behind the pliers: All tools can only be as good as the production technology used to Due to our specialisation, we can focus on the technologies needed to 00 of the machines ourselves or adapt machines precisely to our high gramme the software for the control and operation of the machinery From the product idea to the despatch of the finished pliers to our influence all steps of value creation ourselves in terms of quality and dialogue simplify coordination of processes and communication between We ensure our high standards by developing our own processes and machinery.

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Efficiently coordinated processes and machinery. Over 45,000 pairs of different models of pliers leave our factory every day.

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Only after several test cuts, does a pair of KNIPEX cutting pliers leave our factory.

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We take it very literally: 100 The precision of pliers is essential for their function: without accuracy there can be no reliable cutting, gripping and shaping, and also no zero through the use of modern production technology, enable us to meet We ensure compliance through strict measurements and diverse inspections – both after the various production steps and at the measurement technology and endurance test plants – as well as Shape and roughness of the diagonal cutter’s cutting edge are precisely measured with an optical 3D measuring syst

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More than excellent pliers: training, and supply you with extensive digital product data whose format we We also present the breadth and depth of our range at in-house exhibitions and open days.

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At home in the world: locations in more than 100 countries for you. KNIPEX is the global pliers brand. We are present in all continents, with a dense network of customers, representatives and branches. In order to be closer still to our retailers and be able to give them even better support, we are further extending our international activities all the time. There is no substitute for direct contact, which is why we are there for you personally at more than 100 trade fairs each year. On platforms and with the help of the most varied media – classic and digital – we provide comprehensive...

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in such a way that allows our employees to participate and identify through successfully balance family and career young people, but also impart a wide spectrum of professional and personal Our junior staff obtain their qualifications in our own modern training workshop.

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Acting responsibly – As a company, we believe we share responsibility for our natural environment We consume resources, but take care to use them as carefully as possible, and want to make a contribution to ensuring that they are available to future consumption, reduction in the volumes of waste and caring for the biodiversity exchange with schools and universities, and strengthen civic engagement in our We support the Bergische music school in the “Singpause” project which, with the help of specially trained teachers, communicates the foundations of music and pleasure at singing together...

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