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KNIPEX Quality – Made in Germany KNIPEX Automotive Range Further products on

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Pliers for the automotive trade An everyday challenge for motor mechanics is that ever more components are installed in an ever smaller space in the engines of modern vehicles. In order to be able to work quickly and reliably despite this lack of space, it is important to have the right tool to hand. Pliers from KNIPEX are impressive because even with the small models, they require little manual force for a highly effective result. The huge breadth of the range, comprising over 80 different models of circlip pliers alone, is a big advantage for the motor trade. The KNIPEX range has...

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New products 2020 KNIPEX Cobra® XS | p. 4 Now in a 100 mm model KNIPEX Pliers Wrench | p. 6 Less weight, more performance 86 01 300 KNIPEX StepCut | p. 8 Innovative step cut 95 11 160 KNIPEX CoBolt® S | p. 9 KNIPEX PreciStrip16 | p. 10 Automatic Insulation Stripper 160 mm length, now with recess for round materials

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KNIPEX Cobra® XS Only 100 mm in length: anything but a toy! The slim head provides firm grip even in tight spaces Gripping capacity Work with only one hand: open, slide in, it fits! 4

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Grips like a big tool: The smallest water pump pliers in the world with full functional capability Optimum access in the narrowest spaces: an especially compact design with a very slim head Single-handed fine adjustment by sliding for optimal fitting to various workpiece sizes Long-lasting secure grip ensured by high wear resistance > Gripping capacity Ø 28 mm (1"), width across flats up to 24 mm – at only 100 mm length > Box joint: high quality and durability provided by dual guide > Gripping surfaces with specially hardened teeth, hardness approx. 60 HRC > Self-locking on pipes and nuts:...

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Pliers Wrench – 300 mm length Even better: the optimised pliers wrench Now optimised: Less weight, more performance, with a larger opening width and a practical laser-cut adjustment scale Higher capacity: Continuous gripping in all wrench sizes up to 68 mm (maximum 2 1/2") with use of two additional adjustment positions Noticeably less weight, 80 grams lighter with the same stability Practical adjustment scale: A laser-cut (metric and imperial) enables pre-setting to the width across flats > Replaces a whole set of spanners – metric and imperial > Smooth jaws for damage-free installation of...

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All advantages of the optimised pliers wrenches at a glance: less weight compared to previous model ing Work on tly direc e chrom le: sca cut etric erLas side m t fron more gripping capacity compared to previous model

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KNIPEX StepCut Cable cutting made easy: innovative step cutting separates wires one by one to save energy Small, light, strong: comfortable cutting without crushing and just 160 mm in size Noticeably less effort: the gradations cut wires one after the other; cutting is up to 40 % easier than with standard cable shears of the same length! Ergonomic handle design: optimal cutting feel even for larger cable diameters > Cuts multi-core stranded copper and aluminium cables up to Ø 15 mm (50 mm²) > Cuts solid copper and aluminium cables up to 5 x 4 mm² > Cuts without crushing > Bolted joint:...

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KNIPEX CoBolt® S – with recess Tiny titan with 25-fold leveraging of hand strength – just right for round material Heavy-duty cutting edge with recess slices through the hardest round materials in only one cutting action Extremely high cutting performance in a convenient length of 160 mm Small, slim head for excellent accessibility > Compact and powerful: cuts bolts, nails, rivets etc. up to Ø 4.8 mm > Cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC > Less physical effort due to efficient lever action mechanism > Slippage of cutting material reduced by lasered cutting edge > With gripping surface...

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Properly stripped away: with deft precision, strip everything from very fine to thick cables with stranded or solid conductors Simple, precise stripping of fine stranded and solid round cables with a wide capacity range from 0.08 to 16 mm² with only one pair of pliers Good grip provided by semi-circular grooved metal holding clamps and exact cut from parabolic stripping blade Fine adjustable zero correction of the blade setting to special material requirements, e.g. due to large temperature differences > With cable cutter for stranded wire from 0.08 to 16 mm² > With tether attachment point,...

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Oil Filter and Connector Pliers Now with more grip: increased grip on the workpiece thanks to two-component plastic inserts Fine adjustment for ideal adaptation to diverse diameters up to 75 mm For connectors, oil filters, plastic pipes and siphons Ideal for tightening and loosening siphon screw connections, plastic pipe fittings and round union nuts > For connectors and couplings with screw connection, such as Cannon circular connectors > For gentle loosening of hoses on nozzles and filter cartridges > 25-way adjustable box joint > Ergonomic handle geometry > Changeable gripping jaws with...

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Pipe Cutter for plastic composite pipes Clean cut: cuts aluminium composite and plastic pipes with great precision For cutting composite pipes from Ø 12 - 25 mm Clean, smooth and burr-free cut surfaces Easily exchangeable blades > With opening spring and locking device > Ergonomically shaped handles made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic > Not suitable for cutting cables > Blade made of high-strength special grade steel, oil-hardened and tempered Spare blade Pipe Cutter for multilayer and pneumatic hoses The high-strength, sharp blade cuts composite and plastic pipes smoothly and free of...

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Spring Hose Clamp Pliers > Rotating, universal grip inserts for reliably gripping the clamps in all positions > Jaw inserts can also be rotated under load > Extremely good leverage which allows clamps to be opened easily without great effort > Slim head design; narrow head width, rotating grip inserts make this an ideal tool, especially in confined areas > Maximum jaw opening 80 mm; allows more than 40 mm clamping range > Can be used for standard, space-saving, spring wire hose clamps and for spring band clamps up to 70 mm nominal size Hose Clamp Pliers EAN 4003773- Adjustment positions...

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