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>>Wide working radius: flexible tether for user-friendly work >>Variable fastening options: with strap made of a flat belt sewn to one end and a cord and cord stopper sewn into the other end Adapter straps >>Diverse options for fastening in combination with the carabiner and the tether >>Permits fast, safeguarded switching from the fastener >>On the tool bag to the tether and from one tool to another >>With screw lock to prevent accidental opening >>Safeguarded: catch to increase the tensile strength >>Strong and light aluminium design weighing just 28 g Tethering system set >>Practical set includes: >>1 x Tether >>3 x Adapter strap >>2 x Carabiner Our KNIPEX Tool Tethering System KNIPEX Quality Continuous protection possible when changing tools Complete range of KNIPEX Tethered Tools* Individual configuration of the tool tethering system Pliers with drop protection lso suitable for the KNIPEX screwdrivers A KNIPEX Tethered Tools* Advice: The KNIPEX tool tethering system is not suitable for use as personal protection equipment or for rock climbing. Flexible drop protection system for 45 models of KNIPEX pliers Now also for iers VDE-tested pl Falling tools can be prevented using KNIPEX Tethered Tools* Tool can be flexibly safeguarded and is therefore ready to hand at all times Versatile applications: can be used in building construction, wind turbines, roofing, road building, the events industry, excavation work, well construction, by industrial climbers and many other uses 16 models of insulated pliers and 29 models of pliers with multi-component grips available with fall protection (others on request) Also suitable for our wide range of VDE-tested screwdrivers *Tethered Tools; tethered *Tethered Tools;

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Pliers Wrench pliers and a wrench in a single tool, smooth jaws for damage free installation of plated fittings available with fall protection mechanism in the compact 180 mm and classic 250 mm length Overview of our pliers with drop protection mechanism 26 22 200 T Snipe Nose Side Cutting Pliers black atramentized; (Stork Beak Pliers) head polished high loadable, elastic precision points, flat rounded, long bent jaws 26 25 200 T chrome plated 70 05 180 T chrome plated Item No. Pliers with integrated tether attachment for attaching a fall protection mechanism 02 02 225 T High Leverage...

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