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PLIERS WORK @ HEIGHT TOOLS BOLT & ELECTRODE BAGS TOOL BELTS STRUCTURAL IRON WORKER CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION CANVAS BUCKETS & ACCESSORIES TOOL POUCHES TOOL BAGS CABLE/BOLT CUTTERS WIRE PULLING GRIPS BATTERY-OPERATED TOOLS KNIVES HAMMERS WRECKING BARS PUNCHES/CHISELS/POST TOOLS GLOVES SAFETY MEASURING TOOLS JOBSITE ACCESSORIES WARNING SYMBOLS Safety alert symbol: Indicates a hazard. Always ensure that you and the persons in the vicinity wear approved eye protection. NOT insulated. Plastic-dipped or slip-on plastic handles are NOT intended for protection against electrical shock. It is important...

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Handform” handles for full gripping and cutting power. Plastic-dipped handles for comfort and ease of identification. Unique handle tempering helps absorb the “snap’ when cutting wire. Hot-riveted joint ensures smooth action and no handle wobble. Precision-hardened plier head for on-the-job toughness. from Klein’s US-made proprietary blend Induction hardened cutting knives —" for long life. HEAVY-DUTY CUTTING Cuts ACSR, screws, nails, and most hardened wire. Ironworker's Pliers Use to twist and snip soft annealed rebar tire wire. The knurled jaws also aid in easy twisting and turning. These...

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High-Leverage Pliers Angled head to get into tight spaces Available in side or diagonal-cutting models, these pliers feature a high-leverage design. The rivet is closer to the cutting edge for greater cutting and gripping power than other plier designs. The 2000 Series have heavy-duty cutting knives for ACSR, screws, nails and most hardened wire. The angled head on the diagonal cutters easily gets into tight spaces. The “TT” series feature a split ring for tethering the pliers when working at height. Cat. No. Side-Cutting D213-9NE D213-9NETT with Tether Ring Heavy-Duty Side-Cutting...

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WORK @ HEIGHT TOOLS Data released by OSHA in 2016 ranks being "struck by objects" as the second leading cause of workplace fatalities in private industry construction. Being struck by an object is part of the “Fatal Four” that were responsible for more than half of construction workers deaths in 2016. Klein Tools’ growing line of tethers and tools for Work@ Height are designed to protect workers on the job site as well as their tools. Klein Tools catalog numbers with TT designate tools with tether holes. TT2 Tool Tethers • Keep your tools close at hand while working at height • Allow for...

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KLEIN. TOOLS LT & ELECTRODE Leather Bolt Bag • Split-leather construction • Bolt bag with bull-pin loop on each side • Tunnel loop fits belts up to 3" wide Flame Besistant Canvas Electrode Bag • No. 4 flame-resistant canvas meets the performance requirement of NFPA -701 • Heat-resistant, hard leather bottom • Web loop for sliding over belt • For added protection when welding and grinding Bull-Pin and Bolt Bags • Bull pin loops on each side for easy access • Double bottom provides additional strength • Cat. No. 5416OCTO has two D-rings on the front of the pouch and four on the inside for...

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KLEIN TOOLS Heavy-Duty Tie-Wire Belts Designed for Quick Release • Strong double-tongue buckle with keeper • Separate reel-strap with its own buckle lets you quickly and conveniently put on or take off a Klein tie-wire reel and optional pad without removing the belt or your tool pouch 5426M Padded Leather Quick Release Heavy-Duty Leather 34" - 38" (86.4 cm - 96.5 cm) 5" (127 mm) 5426L Padded Leather Quick Release Heavy-Duty Leather 38" - 46" (96.5 cm - 116.8 cm) 5" (127 mm) 5426XL Padded Leather Quick Release Heavy-Duty Leather 46" - 54" (116.8 - 137.2 cm) 5" (127 mm) Padded Tool Belts...

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STRUCTURAL IRON WORKER Connecting Bar Holder with Lock Collar • Lock Collar fits Klein 7/8" (22 mm) connecting Bars (Cat. Nos. 3246 & 3248) • Leather steel construction • Tunnel loop allows for weight distribution on belt • Fits belts up to 3-1/2" (89 mm) wide • Lock collar (Cat. No. 5459C) included; also available separately ® Belt Connection Belt Width Overall Size tunnel loop WARNING: Lock collar should ONLY be used on Klein 7/8" connecting bars Lock collar must be installed on connecting bar before using holder. Construction Bars • Provides extra leverage when positioning steel members...

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KLEIN. TOOLS STRUCTURAL IRON WORKER Bull-Pin Holders • Riveted leather construction for long life • Holds all standard bull pins Cat. No. Belt Belt Connection Width Wrench Holders • Leather construction • Has tool slots for two erection wrenches • Tunnel loop on Cat. No. 5459T and 5461T is riveted to assure long life • Holds erection wrenches and adjustable head construction wrench Cat. No. 3239 Cat. No. Belt Belt Overall Size Connection Width slide over D-rings, buckles, and other accessories Adjustable-Head Construction Wrenches with Tether Hole • Eliminates the need to carry several...

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STRUCTURAL IRON WORKER Steel Bull Pins Broad Head • Forged, heat-treated steel increases efficiency by providing a larger striking surface • Angled head and smooth blending of radii increase strength and reduce the danger of chipping • Below the head, squared-off shoulders forged to provide a surface for applying wrench to loosen wedged bull pins • Added resistance to “mushrooming” permits longer use than conventional designs and the even taper reduces binding and hang-up • "TT" Series feature tether hole for working at height Standard and Barrel-Type Drift • Machined from quality alloy...

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KLEIN. TOOLS STRUCTURAL IRON WORKERErection Wrenches MADE • Forged from select alloy steel to withstand high-leverage and heavy loads • Extra-heavy-duty head area for maximum strength and durability • Continuous taper of handle makes lining up bolt holes easy and works on a range of bolt-hole sizes without binding • Extra-large hub area works on larger diameter holes better than other wrenches • Catalog number, bolt size and nominal opening size are stamped on every wrench for easy identification • "TT" Series feature tether hole to secure tool when working at height Cat. No. Nut Type Bolt...

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