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Artificial Fuel In sewage treatment plants, KLEIN GmbH will help dispose of the thickest types of sludge. Even solid contents as high as 45% are not a problem. Especially large-scale plants impose strict requirements when it comes to running a trouble-free continuous operation. This is precisely where KLEIN GmbH S-Tube Piston Pumps proving their economic efficiency in the conveyance of mechanically dewatered sewage sludges. Mechanical dewatered sewage sludge (38 % DS), out of a Chamber Filter Press Primary energies such as coal and natural gas are currently so expensive that energy intensive industries are being forced to look into alternative fuels. KLEIN GmbH is supporting the cement industry, by providing silos and pumps to receive and supply alternative fuels, to produce reasonably priced cement for all kind of construction works. Transporting the materials Alternative fuels must have a proven high energy content to make a worldhwide replacement for primary energies. High energy content, highly viscose Sludge, in a Receiving Hopper at an Artificial Fuel Treatment Facility of a Cement Plant. The „Blood Circuit“ of a Piston Pump – The Hydraulic System Nowadays the treatment of biomass to produce methane gas for energy production is becoming increasingly popular due to the rising costs of primary energy. There are now a number of processes available for the methanisation of biomass, and there is also an increasing range of biomass sources such as corn, wooden chips or food waste that can be treated. Kitchen waste, overage food waste and garden waste in a receiving hopper of a biomethanisation plant Klein GmbH – Messerschmittstrasse 12 – 89343 Jettingen-Scheppach; Tel. +49-82 25-95992-0, info@kleingmbh.de, www.kleingmbh.de For human being and as well for a hydraulically driven piston pump “blood circuit” / hydraulic system is essential for a good and long life. KLEIN is using first class German components to build the hydraulic system. Further more this hydraulic system is easy and simple to maintain to have the complete system of sludge handling running. At the end it is more expensive to stop a whole process of sludge handling because of a low price equipment. Dual circuit hydraulic system with an extra cooling circuit for a long life time of the machine 3 Klein GmbH – Messerschmittstrasse 12 – 89343 Jettingen-Scheppach; Tel. +49-82 25-95992-0, info@kleingmbh.de, w

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Cylinder- Length of Max. theo. Delivery Max. theo. Delivery Diameter Delivery Cylinder Capacity Pressure Hydraulically driven S-Tube Piston Pump KIP 25 (SHP) 180 mm 1.000 mm 20 m3/h 130 bar The S-tube Pumps from KLEIN GmbH covers a large range in regards of Delivery Pressure and Delivery Capacity. Because of the modular design of the KLEIN industrial pump and the concrete pumps, wear and spare part are available in a short time. Hydraulically driven piston pumps, with S-Tube technology, are well proven in the heavy construction world. More than 100.000 pumps are on duty with the 100%...

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