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Welding Automats KA Modular & versatile Submerged Arc Welding Systems Standard components proven in practice kjellberg.de

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Welding Automats KA - 2

SA Welding Rationalised at Low Costs Welding applications Double T-beam Butt joint Tube longitudinal seam Tube circular seam The modular concept behind the welding automats of the KA series forms the basis for different technological system solutions. In combination with the Kjellberg welding power sources, customised solutions arise from a great variety of possibilities, e.g. for the efficient use with welding gantries or column and booms.

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Welding Automats KA - 3

Automats: modular and flexible Our welding automats are four-wheel drive tractors for positioning single- or double-wire torches (KA 1 und KA 7) and flux systems. Hinged arms allow welding of two seams simultaneously (KA 4). For inner welding of cone-shaped tubes steerable versions are available. Welding heads (KA 2), available for single or parallel wire operation are adaptable to equipment carriers, as there are gantries or column and booms. KA 1-UP The automats KA 1-UP are also available as steerable version for welding of cone-shaped tubes. Welding wire with max. 5 mm thickness allows...

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Welding Automats KA - 4

Automats as System Solution Minimisation of welding downtime • large flux hopper (6 or 10 l) with filling level indication by inspection window • optional: pneumatic flux recovery (low-wear injector principle) Tachometer-controlled wire feed for • SA-single wire welding with four-wheel drive (KA 1-UP 3 mm) for wires from Ø 1.6 up to 3.2 mm • SA-single wire welding (KA 1-UP 5 mm) with wires from Ø 2.5 up to 5.0 mm • Parallel-wire welding (KA 7-UPP) with two wires from Ø 1.6 up to 3.2 mm • Double hinged-arm welding (KA 4-UPDG) with two wires from Ø 1.6 up to 2.5 mm Simple visual wire position...

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Welding Automats KA - 5

Safe transportation by lifting eye Rugged wire reel adapter capacity max. 30 kg Easy to handle controls with parameter pre-setting for welding current, arc voltage and welding speed as well as pre-adjustable arc start, crater filling and burn-back at second service level Flexible connection of supply cables front or aside from tractor frame Quick head-to-seam positioning adjustment of welding head by linear axles (100 mm effective adjustment each) Safe tractor guidance along profiles, web or flange, etc. through side rollers Safe tractor drive because of tachometer-controlled 4-wheel drive...

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Welding Automats KA - 6

ka 1-up a am The welding tractor KA 1-UP is available in different versions: for single-wire welding up to 3 mm or 5 mm, and both as steerable version for welding of containers and tubes, too. Technical datal KA 1-UP 3 mm KA 1-UP 5 mm Article number Welding current Wire diameter Travel speed Dimensions Mass Recommended power source ka 7-upp mam The SAW parallel wire tractor KA 7-UPP is able to weld flat sheets and circular seams within tubes. KA 2-UP/UPP The KA 2-UP is available as single and as parallel wire version and for adaptation to beams or column and booms. Welding current max....

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Welding Automats KA - 7

Flux saving by flux recovery The flux recovery saves material and costs. The suction nozzles are placed approximately 200 mm behind the welding nozzle. During the welding process the compressed air sucks the flux through special adapted nozzles and conducts it back to the flux hopper. Different suction nozzles for butt and fillet joints and different flux recovery units are available. Please ask for our special leaflet.

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Welding Automats KA - 8

Technical datal * Power sources for 60 Hz mains frequency on request | ** with building site chassis Contact Kjellberg Finsterwalde Schweifitechnik und Verschleifischutzsysteme GmbH UU9 An der Fimag 4 I 03238 Massen I NL I Germany I (/6: +49 3531 500-800/-899 E-mail: schweissen@kjellberg.de | Copyright © 2018, Kjellberg Finsterwalde Ypuifflffl Subject to change without prior notice.

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