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FLUX EQUIPMENT Flux Feeding System Flux systems 6 l (left) and 10 l with manual flux shutoff device, sieve and feed hose Kjellberg flux systems guarantee the constant flux feeding for the welding process. They are easy to use manually and are nearly maintenance-free. A sight glass shows the fill level in the reservoir. Art. no. .11.300.103.300 Option: pneumatic flux shutoff device Suitable for Kjellberg flux systems, especially suitable for columns and booms and welding gantries. Control with supply voltage 24 V DC Flux Recovery System Flux recovery system including injector, holder for the flux nozzle, 0.5 m suction hose and a flux nozzle for butt welds (standard) A flux circuit reduces the welding flux consumption. Such flux recovery is suitable for SA welding with tractors and welding heads. Art. no. . .10.575.075 ey can be expanded by flux recovery units, pressure conveyor systems and fine dust filters. Existing welding systems can be retrofitted on request. Flux Recovery well-proven & flexible Kjellberg flux systems for submerged-arc welding are part of the Kjellberg welding automats. The product range includes three different flux nozzles: for butt welds (left picture, standard) and for fillet welds right or left

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Fine Dust Filter Fine dust filter consisting of flux recovery unit, cyclone, baffle plate and cover, hose connection dia. 50 mm – option: dia. 63 mm A flux recovery unit with cyclone is available in order to extract the fine dust proportion from the flux circuit and thus to guarantee the flux transport and the high quality of the welding results. The separation is based on the injector principle. This version is used in combination with external flux systems on welding heads and welding systems. Filter box with manual de-dusting Positioning away from the welding workplace, connection to the...

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FLUX EQUIPMENT Connection Variants ffffff 3102 Schweifikopf mit Absaugduse Welding head with suction nozzle Pulverbehalter Flux container Pulverdruckforderer Flux pressure conveyor Option: Filterkasten mit Handabreinigung Option: Filter box with manual cleaning Accessories for basic flux cycle respectively cycle with pressure conveyor and filter box

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FLUX EQUIPMENT submerged arc welding Accessories big fli Kjellberg Finsterwalde Schwe'rBtechnik und VerschleiBschutzsysteme GmbH Oscar-Kjellberg-Str. 18 | D-03238 Finsterwalde Copyright © 2017 Kjellberg | D03I05|17

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