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FineFocus - 1

FineFocus 450, 600, 800, 1600 Plasma Cutting from 3 to 160 mm Robust and reliable Equipment for the upper Cutting Range

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FineFocus - 2

For manifold Applications in the Industry The robust plasma cutting units of the FineFocus series offer highest reliability and good cut quality even under extreme conditions. At the same time they achieve high efficiency due to the low gas consumption. The user is presented with a product of highest quality in an attractive price-performance-ratio. Electrically conductive materials with a thickness of 3 mm to 160 mm can be cut reliably. The plasma cutting units can be adapted to CNC-controlled guiding systems and robots quickly and easily. With FineFocus it is possible to use also...

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FineFocus - 3

The Mulit-Talent of the FineFocus Series FineFocus 800 The FineFocus 800 is the most powerful power source of the FineFocus series and offers very good results when cutting medium-sized and thick materials. The plasma cutting unit can be used for straight, contour and bevel cutting up to 50° dry and under water. Two versions are available: • FineFocus „Single“: Equipped with one plasma torch connection. With the machine torch materials up to 80 mm can be cut. • FineFocus „Twin“: Allows the connection of two plasma torches which can be operated alternately; one of them can be a manual torch....

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FineFocus - 4

Technical Data Power source Mains voltage Fuse, slow Connected load, max. Cutting current (100 % duty cycle) Dimensions (L x W x H) Mass Plasma torch Plasma gases Swirl gases (1) Other voltages and frequencies on request. Operating Data (extract) (2) FineFocus 450 Un- and lowalloyed steels Materialthickness (mm) FineFocus 800 Alloyed steels Cutting speed (mm/min) Cutting speed (mm/min) Aluminium Cutting current (A) Cutting speed (mm/min) Un- and lowalloyed steels Materialthickness (mm) Alloyed steels Cutting speed (mm/min) Cutting speed (mm/min) Cutting speed (mm/min) FineFocus 600 Un- and...

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