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CutFire 65i, CutFire 100i Plasma Cutting from 1 to 20 mm Powerful Plasma Cutting Inverters at low Investment Costs

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CutFire – Plasma Units for manual and automated Use For cutting electrically conductive materials with thicknesses from 1 to 20 mm Kjellberg offers the air-cooled plasma cutting inverters of the CutFire series. These plasma cutting units are particularly suited for simple and economic cutting tasks. The CutFire 100i achieves a cutting current of 100 A at 100 % duty cycle and is thus suited for continuous operation. The CutFire 65i is characterised by its compact design and low weight. The powerful and cost-efficient inverters can be used flexibly especially in heating, ventilation and...

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CutFire 65i/100i - 3

Air-cooled Torch Technique Machine Torch Flash 100 Hand Torch KjellCut 70 Machine torch Flash 100 with 6 or 12 m hose parcel available Plasma hand torch KjellCut 70 with ergonomic handle design The air-cooled plasma machine torch Flash 100 is used for mechanised plasma cutting with the inverters of the CutFire series. The torch is equipped with a central connector for a quick torch change. The plasma hand torch KjellCut 70 is used for cutting manually with the CutFire 65i. The user benefits from its ergonomic handle design and low weight. A switch-on protection prevents the unwanted...

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CutFire 65i/100i - 4

Technical Data CutFire 65i, 100i Power source Plasma torch Plasma torch Cutting range Fuse, slow Torch cooling Connected load, max. Cutting current Air consumption Pressure Torch shaft diameter Other voltages and frequencies on request. Operating data (extract) (2) CutFire 100i Mild steel Material thickness (mm) Stainless steel Cutting speed (mm/min) Cutting speed (mm/min) Cutting speed (mm/min) Listed cutting speeds are depending on material characteristics, gas parameters, guiding system as well as proper consumables. According to the quality requirements of the cutting task, the user may...

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