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Quick Jaw Replacement Chuck series Standard Chuck Suitable for small and large batch production Quick & smooth Jaw Replacement ■Quick Jaw Replacement 2types of easy replacement jaws, Serration and Tongue & Groove, are available as options. Jaw can be replaced quickly and easily by handle supplied. ■Suitable for small and large batch production Resuced set up time by Quick and Easy Jaw Replacement. ■Interchangeable mounting dimensions Kitagawa's B-200 and BB2Q0 series can be easily replaced with QJR large thru-hole power chucks. Dimensional Drawings Gripping Characteristic Graphs The numbers in () are the dimension of QJR12 for interchangesble BB212. Please contact us for mors details. ■ Specifications Spdlalre Model The models above are Including Chuck body, 1 sat of Base Jaws and 1 set of Soft Top Jaws.

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