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BR series - 1

The Next Generation Standard Chuck, transforming conventional machining methods Next Generation A

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BR series - 2

Next Generation 5J Standard Chuck 131 % SERIES Next generation standard chuck Gripping accuracy of 0.01 mm T.I.R. or less,Note1 transforming standard machining methods This chuck can be also used for finishing process. Interchangeable with Kitagawa B-200 & BB200 Existing cylinder can be used. Modern appearance Body with rounded corner edge

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BR series - 3

With the optional special T-nuts it will become more accurate Maintaining a repeatability of 0.01 mm T.I.R. or less after changing jaws The BR-Plus jaw mounting design enables unrivalled top jaw exchange accuracy. Significant reduction of setup time 3 setup changes per day, 30 minutes jaw forming per setup change 450 hours per year = 1.35 million Yen Please watch the video from the QR code on the right. Parent-child jaws can be replaced with monoblock jaws. Due to high repeatability at jaw changing, it is not necessary to use parent-child jaws. The chuck can rotate at higher speed so that...

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BR series - 4

Dimensions sssBlank draw nut equipped. ■ Specifications and outside appearance are subject to change without notice due to ongoing research and development. • The color of the actual product may be different from the catalogue's due to printing matters. Catalogue contents as of 2019.6 ■ The products herein are controlled under Japanese Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Act. In the event of importing and/or exporting the products, You are obliged to consult KITAGAWA as well as your government for the related regulation prior to any transaction.

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