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Solar Pumping System


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Solar Pumping System - 2

The case for solar energy The gap between demand and supply of electricity in India is not only huge, but widening by the day. Add to this, the grim facts that power and fuel prices are inexorably climbing and power supply, when available, is also very erratic. Against this backdrop, renewable energy comes as the perfect answer. It is derived from natural processes that are replenished constantly, and are sustainable in the sense that they can never run out. And solar energy, the mother of all renewable energies, is the ideal solution. It is a perfect combination of the 3 Es: Ÿ Energy:...

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Solar Pumping System - 3

Kirloskar solar pumps - advantages unlimited In a global first, KBL, India's largest manufacturer and exporter of pumps, introduces automatic solar electric technology to drive a standard induction motor AC pump set, with a triple mode maximum power point tracking (MPPT) feature. Under this, the pump, motor and solar modules are all made to run in the best efficiency zone automatically, as the pump operates under field conditions. It is this feature that also helps Kirloskar solar AC pumps surpass on-site performances of many contemporary solar DC pumps. Even when it comes to comparing real...

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Solar Pumping System - 4

A wide array of applications Water supply Ÿ Villages, schools, hospitals, homes etc. Ÿ Adivasi settlements and other remote areas Ÿ Rural schemes (PHED) Ÿ Resorts, hotels and farmhouses Ÿ Tribal welfare departments Ÿ Animal farms and poultries Ÿ Housing societies and apartments from underground water tanks to overhead reservoirs Irrigation Ÿ Farms, fields and greenhouses Ÿ Govt. forest departments Ÿ Corporate/ industry parks and gardens (unattended and automatic watering ) Ÿ Sprinklers and drip irrigation for agro-based industries Decorative & leisure Ÿ Fountains Ÿ Water parks Ÿ Swimming...

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Solar Pumping System - 5

Regional Offices AHMEDABAD 11, Mill Officers Colony, Behind La Gajjar Chambers, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, Pin: 380 009 Tel : (079) 2658 3739, 2658 0376, 2658 3258, 2658 3615, 2657 4500, 2657 4802 Fax : (079) 26583786 Email: BANGALORE No. 5, Lakshmi Complex, 2nd Floor, 10th Cross, RMV Extension, C. V. Raman Road, Bangalore Pin: 560 080 Tel : (080) 2361 9914, 2361 9915, 2361 0027, 2361 0028 Fax : (080) 2361 0095 Email: BHOPAL E-1, Shankarnagar, 6½ Bus Stop, Opp. Parul Hospital, Bhopal, Pin: 462 016 Tel : (0755) 421 8341 Email: BHUBANESWAR...

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