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Bearing Housing Delivery size Sprinkler Irrigation, Fire Fighting, Water Supply to high rise buildings. Descaling, Mine Dewatering and Boiler

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This pump consists of a number of ring section diffuser casings bolted suction and delivery casing. Various models are available to operate at 1450 rpm and 2900 rpm at 50 Hz power supply frequency. Latest casing techniques ensure smoothness of hydralic passages resulting in high efficiency and reliability under hazardous conditions.The delivery flange is vertical.The suction flange can be oriented left or right viewed from driving end. The enclosed impellers of the radial flow type are provided with balancing holes to balance the hydraulic axial thrust.The rotating elements are statically...

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Casing Suction / Discharge / Stage Casing wear Ring Shaft Sleeve Cast Iron / Cast Steel / Stainless Steel / Duplex Steel Cast Iron / Bronze / Phosphor Bronze / Cast Steel / Stainless Steel / Chrome Steel / Duplex Steel Cast Iron / Bronze / Phosphor Bronze / Cast Steel / Stainless Steel / Chrome Steel / Duplex Steel Cast Iron / Bronze / Steel Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel Stainless Steel / Bronze MATERIAL STANDARDS Material Type Cast Iron Cast Iron Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron SG Iron (Ductile Iron) SG Iron (Ductile Iron) Carbon Steel Carbon steel (Wrought) Carbon steel (Wrought) Cast...

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RKB - 7

ALTERNATIVES AVAILABLE Pump in Vertical Configuration Pumps available in vertical execution complete with motor-stool /driving unit. Rotation anti-clockwise seen First Stage impeller: Double Suction Subsequent Stages : Single Suction Sue.casing drain Pump casing drain - 1/2"BSP. Stage casing drain - 1/2"BSP. Sue & Del Pressure gauge conne- 1/2"BSP. Pressure leak of water conne -1,1/2"BSP. Storage casing air vent - 3/8"BSP. Gland leakage drain - 1/2"BSP. Stuffing box housing NDE drain- 1"BSP. Bearing housing cooling inlet & outlet-3/4"BSP.

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RKB - 8

OUTLINE DRAWING OF RKB MULTI-OUTLET PUMPS RKB Multi-outlet arrangement is normally used when capacity is fixed and total head changes time to time, without disturbing the pump's internals. Available with option of two or three outlets depending upon the End View from Arrow - II

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OUTLINE DRAWINGS RKBCV Pump Anticlockwise Viewed from theTop Column Pipe Pump Unit RKBS Pump Column Pipe- foundation bolts 2. Natural frequency of supports should be 25% above pump speed 3. Direction of rotation anti-clockwise when viewed from top Vertical turbine type arrangement to save floor

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As we are constantly endeavouring to improve the performance of our products/ equipment, we reserve the right to make alterations from time to time and as such our products/ equipment may differ from that detailed in this publication. For latest information you may get in touch with our Regional Sales Offices. CORPORATE OFFICE : "YAMUNA" Survey No. 98 (3/7), Baner, Enriching Lives email: website: Kirloskarvadi 416308 Dist. Sangli Maharashtra, INDIA

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