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Eterna (Pressure Booster System)


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Eterna  (Pressure Booster System) - 2

A brief History of Kirloskar Brothers Limited Established in 1888 by the Late Shri Lakshmanrao Kirloskar, KBL stands as a monolith in the pump industry. It has spread its wings in every nook and corner of the country offering the widest range of products in the industry. KBL is an Indian multinational pump company having its subsidiary in the UK. At its four manufacturing locations i.e. Kirloskarwadi (Mah.), Shirwal (Mah.), Dewas (M.P.) and Kondapuri (Mah.), KBL manufactures pumps ranging from 0.25 HP to 16000 HP for numerous applications. We develop Customer Oriented Solutions. Be it heavy...

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Inline Showerjoy enic Rust Free Hyg Drinking Water Exciting Water Solutions Multi Stage Hi -Lifter Single Stage Hi -Lifter Multi stage Pressure Booster The Hi Lifter Pressure Booster System / Inline ShowerJoy Clear -Water Submersible Light Duty Waste Disposer Installation/Operation of Pressure Booster System and Clear -Water Submersible Light DutyWaste Disposer Single stage Presssure Booster Clear-Water Submersible

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Products Designed Records tell us KBLs tech-savvy customers use five dimensions – reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibles to form their judgements of product and service quality. These are based on a comparison between expected and perceived quality. At KBL, we are devoted to bridging the slightest chink between expected and perceived product / service quality. That is the least we can do for our customers who have a significant With Customers In Mind ! role in giving us a prestigious stature in the domestic as well as in the international market. We recognise that the...

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Hi - Lifter The Hi - Lifter is ideally suited for supplying clean, rust free and hygienic drinking water to apartments and bungalows. Also ready for integration with pressure booster systems, it is also ideal to pump out water from shallow wells and tanks. The Hi - Lifter is able to pump water to high heads of 40 meters to 50 meters with smaller sized motors. Being resistant to corrosion and erosion, it pumps rust free potable water. It comes with an in-built thermal overload protector which prevents motor burn. These pumps are self priming making life just a little bit more convenient....

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Selection Chart Hi - Lifters (Single-Stage) Rating Model Total Head in Meters Discharge in Litres per Minute Pipe Size : 25 mm (Suction) x 25 mm (Delivery) Hi - Lifters (Multi-Stage) Rating Model Total Head in Meters Discharge in Litres per Minute Pipe Size : 25 mm (Suction) x 25 mm (Delivery) Hi - Lifter Particle Pump Rating Model Total Head in Meters 40 Discharge in Litres per Minute Pipe Size : 32 mm (Suction) x 25 mm (Delivery) Hi-Lifter Applications Supply of rust free, hygienic, potable drinking water to bungalows and apartments. Pumping water from shallow wells and tanks. Boosting...

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Eterna  (Pressure Booster System) - 7

ShowerJoy Pressure Booster System ShowerJoy Pressure Booster System The Pressure Booster System is a life-style product best suited for water supply for shower panels, garden sprinklers and multi -storied bungalows. It is perfect for use in homes, clubs, hostels, hospitals, etc. Very aptly named 'Shower Joy – Pressure Booster System' this product gives the user the pleasure of sharp, tingling jets of water while using the shower panel. Makes gardening very convenient as it is able to supply high pressure needed for sprinkler systems. Also very useful for water supply connection to multiple...

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Performance Details of ShowerJoy - Pressure Booster System ShowerJoy Inline model Suitable for boosting the water pressure in Individual showers in the bathroom Individual taps for domestic usage Easy installation Very low power consumption Convenient three speed switch for setting as per need Material of Construction / Specifications Pump casing - Cast iron Impeller - Glass fiber polypropylene Shaft - Ceramic Water temperature (upto 60° Centigrade) Pressure of 0.6 bar for a nominal flow of 40 liters per minute

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Clear-Water Submersible Clear-Water Submersibles are a blessing when it comes to filling up the childrens inflatable swimming pool, the garden fountain or the small pond in your garden. It plays a major role in draining storm water in the monsoons which may be wreaking havoc in your life. Just pack it up once you are done using it and store it in your cupboard. Prefitted with a float switch – it automatically gets switched on / off as per the water level and your setting of the float switch. These products truly offer you “Convenience on the go”. Selection Chart Performance Details of...

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Light Duty Waste Disposer vOastt TMspostrs art a WVSittnA >*W\ It conv; to c\tanln<^ wat« storaot tanks or tVit srraW ponA in jour ^atAtn. "Wwj ateo find, ytat untjt anA impart convtn«*«. uAw jour n«A is rwovlno) m stagnant, accwwAattA wattr In jour V>awKnt, It In jour cupVoarA. PrefltttA u»ltY» a float switch - It autor»atica\\j ofks svltcYnA on / off as ptr tV»t water W«\ anA jour setting of tW f\oat swl tcVi .TVils product tru\j off«sj ou "Convwlenct on tVvt cy>". Performance Details of Clear-Water Submersible Porfointwra thrtali Light Duty Waste Disposer Removing stagnant water from...

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Clear - Water Submersible/ Waste Disposer Installation and Operation Overhead Tank Ball Valve Non-Return Valve Installation of Eterna Clear - Water Submersible Pump Start Eterna Pressure Booster System Installation Pump Stop Auto On / Off with float switch

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Jaipur, Pin : 302 001 Tel: 0141-2361434/12 Fax : 0141-2375670 Email : KOCHI Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. Veejay Towers, 38/239A, Salim Rajan Road, Gandhinagar, Ernakulam, Kochi, Pin : 682 017 Tel: 0484-2206651/52 Fax : 0484-2206653 Email : KOLKATA Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. KCI PLAZA’ , 1st FLOOR, 23C, Ashutosh Chowdhury Avenue, Kolkata – 700 017. W.B. (India) Phone : 033-2461 5065 / 5934 / 5325 / Fax : 033-24614519 Email : LUCKNOW Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. B-1/7, Sector A, 387, Aliganj, Lucknow, Pin : 226 024 Tel: 0522-2326367/ 393/ 374 Fax :...

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