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Condition Monitoring System - 2

KIRLOSKAR BROTHERS LIMITED (KBL) * KBL, established in 1888 and incorporated in 1920, is the largest manufacturer and exporter of pumps and pumping systems in India and one of the global leaders in pump technology * KBL manufactures centrifugal pumps from 0.1 kW to 26,000 kW and has suitable pumps for wide • KBL has successfully executed numerous turnkey pumping solutions on EPC basis for power plants • The core businesses of KBL are large infrastructure projects (water supply, power plants, and irrigation), project and engineered pumps, industrial pumps, agriculture and domestic pumps,...

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Condition Monitoring System - 3

* Monitoring is possible at anytime by anyone and anywhere * Alerts by SMS and e-mails can trigger early attention and rectification and results in lesser down time * Weekly reports enable the user and KBL to analyze the overall health of the pumpsets and preventive maintenance can be planned accordingly • Planning of spares requirement is possible based on these parameters * Knowing the trends for fluid and energy consumption * Onetime investment reduces operational costs • Provides immediate knowledge of system performance * I ncreases eq u i pment I if e a nd red uces cost of repa i rs •...

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Condition Monitoring System - 4

GSM BASED CONTROL AND ALARM SYSTEM * Eight different alarm inputs can be connected to the module. The unit needs to be connected with control or starter panel through potential free contacts • For each input a pre-programmed SMS will be transmitted to five different mobiles numbers ■ The pump can be put ON and OFF from mobile and six alarm inputs are available • Fire fighting system ■ Fully automated pumping system * Pumps or pumping systems operating at remote location * Systems catering to critical processes and application • Tank filling system

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Condition Monitoring System - 5

VIBRATION MONITORING Measurements can be taken on pump and motor bearing casings with seismic or piezo-electric transducers to measure the casing vibrations and on the vast majority of critical machines with eddy-current transducers that directly observe the rotating shafts to measure the radial (and axial) vibration of the shaft. The level of vibration can be compared with historical baseline values such as former start-ups and shutdowns and in some cases established standards such as load changes to assess the severity. ■ Early attention towards problems * Less down time and can avoid...

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Condition Monitoring System - 6

BEARING AND WINDING TEMPERATURE MONITORING The system is designed to monitor temperature of bearings in pumps and bearing and winding temperature of motors. It is the easiest, simplest and economical way to monitor the health of the pumps and motors. Early attention towards problems, lesser down time avoiding further damages, increase in productivity and pumpset life enhancement are few benefits of bearing and winding temperature monitoring. * Microprocessor based user friendly controller * Continuous scans set temperature with actual temperature of each bearing and winding ■...

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Condition Monitoring System - 7

PROCESS INDUSTRIES - CHEMICAL AND OTHER PROCESSES (KPDT) High Temperature Process Pump Process Pump STEEL AND POWER INDUSTRIES - UTILITY AND PROCESS (BHR/BHM/BHQ) (BHRC) Condensate (UP/SCT/DSM/IHT) (RKB) Multistage (RKBCV/BHRC) Condensate Vertical Turbine Pump Extraction Pump Split Case Pump Pump Extraction Pump TEXTILE INDUSTRIES FIRE FIGHTING APPLICATIONS (KPDS) Vertical Multioutlet Pump MINING INDUSTRIES HVAC SYSTEMS (RKBK) Multistage (ILS) Inline (UP) Split Case (CPHM) End Suction (CE) End Suction (IL) Vertical Inline Pump Pump Pump Pump Pump

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Condition Monitoring System - 8

SPP Limited AHanta (§) ■ Miami SPP limited Coleford ® ASPP Limited., UK Kirloskar Brothers Europe B.V. (§)SPPJebel AliUAE Oman • HVienliane A|manA * Thailand A Kirloskar Brothers [Thailand) Limited Phnom Penh KIRSON Trading A Johannesburg South Africa ® ;pp South Africa Manufacturing Facilities Regional Sales Offices Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures PtlNE ■ A IGrioskar Conocoat Private limited Kiriosk=rvodi«iiarloikar Ebon Pumps Limited A The Kolhapur Stsel Limited As we are constantly endeavoring to improve the performance of our products/equipment, we reserve the right to make alterations...

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