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Use Keysight Ptolemy to verify complete RF physical layer design against fully industry-compliant wireless standards TxOut: MIMO_TxOut MIMO Channel u Faded C ha n ne I: MIMO Faded C ha nne I E@H The W2361EP/ET Ptolemy and VTB Engine provides communication system simulation comprising of Digital Signal Processing (DSP), RF-mixed signal and baseband system design capabilities to the Advanced Design System (ADS), the flagship product from Keysight EEsof EDA, the technology and innovation leader in high-frequency mixed- signal electronic design automation (EDA). It is the only design simulation platform that enables the co-design of IC, package and board in high-frequency and high-speed applications. It seamlessly integrates system, circuit, and full 3D electromagnetic simulation with Keysight's test instrumentation, resulting in repeatable, first-pass electronic design success. Keysight Ptolemy is uniquely designed to enable the thorough simulation of modern communications systems, such as wireless and wireline transceivers and spread- spectrum radars, which include DSP, RF, and baseband mixed-signal components. It co-simulates with RF (W2301 Circuit Envelope), analog (W2302 Transient Convolution Simulator) and digital HDL (Cadence NC-Sim and Mentor Modelsim) simulators to enable comprehensive RF mixed signal system design and optimization with both the behavioral Unlocking Measurement Insights

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02 | Keysight | W2361EP/ET Ptolemy and VTB Engine - Brochure Keysight Ptoiemy provides the system simulation foundation for wireless standards verification with the latest Keysight wireless libraries such as LTE, WiMAX, and VWAN. In addition, it also enables connected solutions with the full range of Keysight signal sources and analyzers to generate real signals or use measured signals in simulations to perform progressive system integration with real hardware as it becomes available. This avoids the delays and costly surprises that can come from traditional system integration, where all...

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