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U4431A MIPI? M-PHY Protocol Analyzer - 1

Ml PI™ M-PHY Protocol Analyzer Data Sheet

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U4431A MIPI? M-PHY Protocol Analyzer - 2

Accelerate M-PHY products with deep insight across your entire design 1. Link multiple windows together or track correlated events with markers 2. Any number of filters and views can be applied. Organize them easily in the overview GUI 3. Peel-off tabs let you isolate packet details 4. Lanes 5. Headers 6. Payload 7. Get the “big picture” with the Overview tab 8. Raw Mode lets you see the “why” behind your protocol. Integrate with any Infiniium oscilloscope 9. Quickly customize simple drag-and-drop trigger macros 10. Use advanced if-then-else triggers to branch in any direction to up to...

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U4431A MIPI? M-PHY Protocol Analyzer - 3

Key features: • Track multiple M-PHY busses from the PHY to the Application layer • Up to Gear 3 HS data rates • Up to 16GB trace depth • Up to 4 data lanes • Raw Mode 8b/10b data views • -way trigger branching N • Powerful interface that allows unlimited customization of system views. • Add new protocols and capability at any time after purchase. Target users: Designers and Validators of • M-PHY • IP Broad and deep insight into your mobile computing designs. Time correlate multiple busses and views. Up to 5 modules (M-PHY, D-PHY, PCI, DDR, high-speed logic, and HDMI) can be integrated in...

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U4431A MIPI? M-PHY Protocol Analyzer - 4

Accelerate M-PHY products with deep insight across your entire design Isolate events with protocol-aware triggers. Simple drag-and-drop trigger macros can be quickly customized by clicking on the blue hyperlink. Or choose advanced if-then-else triggers different conditions, and add a variety Trigger on packet types, PHY and stack errors, payload data (up to 32 bytes), flags, counters, and time delays. You can also specify speed, transmission type, and link state. Probing that leverages Agilent's high-speed oscilloscope and high- speed logic analysis technologies. The U4433A high-Z MIPI...

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U4431A MIPI? M-PHY Protocol Analyzer - 5

Agilent U4431A – Performance characteristics Electrical Minimum Vdiff Input impedance (DC) • U4433A probe + N5246A ZIF tips • U4432A SMA harness Lane width Clocking architecture Analysis direction Lane remapping Lane polarity Multiple blade support Up to 4 with option 414. Analyze 1, 2, 3, or 4-lane systems Type I Processor-peripheral or peripheral-processor (Both directions with option 612) User-selectable User-selectable Up to 5 time-correlated blades in one frame (configured as up to 3 separate busses), multiple frames can be correlated HS Modes supported PWM Modes supported Rate Series...

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U4431A MIPI? M-PHY Protocol Analyzer - 6

Agilent U4431A – Performance characteristics (Continued) Triggering Trigger on protocol commands Simple trigger Advanced trigger • Sequence levels • Logical branching • Advanced trigger events Protocol triggers • Trigger on protocol patterns • Protocol pattern customization • Payload pattern matcher • Transmission type (HS/PWM) • Specific transmission speed • Link state Real-time error detection • 8b/10b • Disparity • CRC • Flow control Yes, with > 50 macros Drag and drop LED indicators Traffic overview Filters Search Sub-link state and lane width Packet count with occurrence navigation...

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U4431A MIPI? M-PHY Protocol Analyzer - 7

Module configuration U4431A/U Protocol Analyzer Analysis options Lane options Speed options Select memory Select protocols Single direction – Analyze upstream OR downstream sub-link (default) 1-lane (default) Bi-directional – Analyze both sub-links (612) Chassis and probing configuration Chassis options M9502A M9505A M9502A-020 M9505A-020 2-slots 5-slots USB 2.0 host connection for either chassis Lower-speed alternative to PC control options, not recommended for > 1 GB memory Embedded PC module (no cables or adapters needed) PCIe desktop adapter PCIe cable (x8 to x8) ExpressCard adapter...

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U4431A MIPI? M-PHY Protocol Analyzer - 8

www.agilent.com/find/mphy_analyzer myAgilent myAgilent A personalized view into the information most relevant to you. www.axiestandard.org AdvancedTCA® Extensions for Instrumentation and Test (AXIe) is an open standard that extends the AdvancedTCA for general purpose and semiconductor test. Agilent is a founding member of the AXIe consortium. Three-Year Warranty www.agilent.com/find/ThreeYearWarranty Beyond product specification, changing the ownership experience. Agilent is the only test and measurement company that offers three-year warranty on all instruments, worldwide....

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