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Agilent Digital Test Console PCI Express® 3.0 Data Sheet Version 1.1 The only comprehensive and integrated x1 through x16 protocol analyzer and LTSSM exerciser solution for PCI Express® 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 with superior probing using ESP technology

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U4301A PCIe Analyzer - 2

2 Digital Test Console – The Solution Approach • Complete, modular, and scalable solution • Two-in-one solution for stimulus and analysis Overview Agilent Technologies’ new Digital Test Console now includes support for all PCI Express 3.0 (PCIe 3.0) speeds, including 2.5 GT/s (Gen1) and 5.0 GT/s (Gen2) through PCIe 8 GT/s (Gen3) with x1 through x16 support on both the protocol analyzer and the link training sequencer state machine (LTSSM) exerciser. With a protocol analyzer, LTSSM exerciser, as well as mid-bus and slot interposer probes using the equalizing snoop probe (ESP) technology,...

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U4301A PCIe Analyzer - 3

3 System Architecture Overview 1. PC controller to manage and interact with the system. Multiple connection options for the controller: USB 2.0 directly from the PC to the chassis or PCIe Gen1 x4 cable from the PC to the chassis 2. U4002A: Digital Test Console 2-slot chassis 3. U4301A protocol analyzer module controlled via PCIe x4 cable link from the PC controller 4. U4322A soft touch mid-bus probe 3.0 Platform features and benefits Feature Benefits Modular and scalable system architecture • Supports small and large-scale test environments • Protects your financial investment for future...

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U4301A PCIe Analyzer - 4

4 Analyzer Effective presentation of protocol interactions from physical layer to transaction layer • Raw capture mode with data presented in lane viewer to help debug low level PHY issues • Lane view with packet highlighting to show the actual data on the bus • Industry standard spreadsheet format protocol viewer with: Highlighting by packet type or direction Easy flow columns to better understand the stimulus and response nature of the protocols Context sensitive columns to show only the relevant information, minimizing the need to scroll horizontally • Transaction viewer groups all...

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U4301A PCIe Analyzer - 5

5 Probing and LTSSM Exerciser Accurate data recovery with consistent representation of the signal • Uses ESP technology to ensure accurate data recovery in all Gen3 platforms and all x1 through x16 link widths • Slot interposer probe consistently represents signal, ensuring design problems can be reproduced • Mechanical stabilization for the device under test’s (DUT’s) end point and to ensure firm PCIe slot connections Accurate data recovery with flexible use model • Uses ESP technology to ensure accurate data recovery in all Gen3 platforms and all x1 through x16 link widths • Micro...

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U4301A PCIe Analyzer - 6

6 Typical Configurations LTSSM Exerciser sample configuration Test cards U4305A-E16 Exerciser board x16 for PCIe 8 GT/s Software U4305A-LTSSM LTSSM software license Accessories N5316A Test backplane 3.0 for PCIe 8 GT/s Analyzer sample configuration Chassis U4002A Digital Test Console two-slot chassis U4002A-EXP PCI Express cable to express card adapter for laptop connections U4002A-2MC PCIe cable (2.0 m) Test blades U4301A Analyzer blade hardware U4301A-A08 Analyzer linkwidth x8 Software U4301A-v07 Analyzer software license for PCIe 8 GT/s, Spec version 0.7 U4301U-v10 Analyzer software...

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U4301A PCIe Analyzer - 7

Remove all doubt Our repair and calibration services will get your equipment back to you, performing like new, when promised. You will get full value out of your Agilent equipment throughout its lifetime. Your equipment will be serviced by Agilent-trained technicians using the latest factory calibration procedures, automated repair diagnostics and genuine parts. You will always have the utmost confidence in your measurements. For information regarding self maintenance of this product, please contact your Agilent office. Agilent offers a wide range of additional expert test and measurement...

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