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SOLUTION BROCHURE RF Power Amplifier Test, Reference Solution Challenge the Boundaries of Test Agilent Modular Products The RF power amplifier test, reference solution provides a unique combination of test speed and throughput with trusted and consistent measurements for cellular and wireless connectivity formats. RF power amplifier (PA) test challenges Wireless mobile device manufacturers continue to face pressures to simultaneously reduce cost and increase data throughput without sacrificing battery life. These requirements create conflicting challenges for test engineers because they must reduce overall test system cost and test times despite adding complex test techniques such as envelope tracking (ET). These techniques are required to optimize RF PA power efficiency which add to test system cost. Testing RF PAs with ET brings new challenges: • Test environment must include additional envelope generation capabilities to test under realistic conditions • Tight alignment between signal and envelope has a significant effect on the quality of measurement • Precision power sourcing and measurements are required during test since power consumption is a critical factor RF power amplifier test, Reference Solution The RF PA test, Reference Solution is a combination of hardware, software, and measurement expertise providing the essential components of a PA test system. This enables engineers to use, enhance, or modify the test system as required to meet specific test application needs including envelope tracking and RF Front End (RFFE) control. Control software enables tight synchronization between the signal source and the arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), resulting in optimal alignment between input signal and envelope. A stepped FFT technique provides high speed, wide dynamic range harmonics measurements up to 27 GHz. Precision power sourcing and measurement is also included in this solution. To facilitate evaluation and integration in your test environment, you can use supplied test code examples that have been designed to optimize test throughput without compromising performance.

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Reference Solution architecture Signal Creation Signal Analysis Waveform Creation & Envelope Generation Modular X-Series Measurement Applications Vector Signal Generator Vector Signal Analyzer Embedded Controller Solution features & benefits Feature Benefit Real-time signal processing Fast measurements Adjustable RF signal/ Tight synchronization envelope skew to ± 1 ps between RF signal and resolution over ± 250 ns envelope Product specifications & characteristics M9391A PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer Analysis bandwidth X-series measurement Absolute amplitude accuracy ±0.45 dB, typical M9393A...

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Hardware configuration M9381A PXIe Vector Signal Generator Generate tightly synchronized RF signals and envelope using the 6 GHz, 160 MHz bandwidth M9381A PXIe VSG, together with the 33522B arbitrary waveform generator. Adjust synchronization at 1 ps resolution. A typical M9381A configuration includes 4 individual PXIe modules - M9311A digital vector modulator, M9310A source output, M9301A synthesizer and the M9300A frequency reference - designed for fast data interfaces and high-speed automated test systems. M9391A PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer...

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Software - Signal creation Software - Signal analysis This Reference Solution enables multiple ways to create the RF signal along with the envelope of the RF signal to enhance the characterization and validation of your device. X-Series measurements applications for modular instruments The X-Series measurement applications for modular instruments transform PXI vector signal analyzers into standards-based RF transmitter testers. Fast RF conformance measurements help you evaluate and manufacture your devices and equipment. Create standard based waveforms and envelope signal with Agilent...

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Software - Test automation This Reference Solution includes a C# test code example that optimizes speed without compromising performance and repeatability. To accelerate test development and facilitate the integration in your test environment, the source code of the test automation software is also provided. Power amplifier test library This library includes PA test functions that leverage from the PXI VSA's high speed embedded measurement capabilities. For example, the same embedded FFT measurements can be used for both servo loops and ACPR, reducing test times. Test functions include:...

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Recommended Reference Solution configuration 1 Description PXIe Vector Signal Generator 1 MHz – 6 GHz frequency range 100 MHz modulation bandwidth 32 MSa memory Fast switching PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer 2 1 MHz – 6 GHz frequency range 100 MHz analysis bandwidth 128 MSa memory Fast switching PXI Frequency Reference Waveform Generator, 30 MHz, 2-channel Adds high stability OCXO timebase Adds 16 MB memory Modular Power System & SMUs Low-Profile Modular Power System Mainframe, 400W, 4 slots N6782A 2-Quadrant...

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