S93011A Enhanced Time Domain Analysis with TDR


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Keysight Technologies S93011A Enhanced Time Domain Analysis with TDR One-Box Solution For High-Speed Serial Interconnect Analysis As bit rates of digital systems increase, signal integrity of interconnects drastically affects system performance. Fast and accurate analysis of interconnect performance in both time and frequency domains become critical to ensure reliable system performance. As managing multiple test systems becomes difficult, a single test system that can fully characterize differential high-speed digital devices is a very powerful tool. The S93011A provides a one-box solution for high-speed interconnect analysis, including impedance, S-parameters, and eye diagrams. The S93011A is an enhancement of the S93010A time domain analysis software. The software, running on the PNA-X/PNA/PNA-L Series B-model vector network analyzers, brings three breakthroughs for signal integrity design and verification: simple and intuitive operation, fast and accurate measurements, and high ESD robustness. Key Features –– Up to 67 GHz of bandwidth with 6.66 ps rise time enables measurement to the latest high-speed serial standards –– Unmatched performance –– Low noise floor for accurate and repeatable measurements: 20 μV rms –– Wide dynamic range to observe the true performance of your device: > 110 dB –– Fast measurement speed for real-time analysis: 251 msec (1601 points, 2-port cal) –– State-of-the art calibration techniques reduce measurement errors –– Automatic deskew ensures easy removal of fixture and probe effects –– Full calibration available for the utmost in measurement accuracy

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02 | Keysight | S93011A Enhanced Time Domain Analysis with TDR - Flyer Simple and Intuitive Operation Wizards guide you through the steps of an operating sequence to reduce operator errors Complete device characterization is straightforward. The graphical user interface has been designed to provide a similar look-and-feel to traditional TDR oscilloscopes and intuitive for users unfamiliar with vector network analyzers and S-parameter measurements. The TDR Setup Wizard guides you through all of the required steps, making setup of error correction and measurement intuitive and error-free....

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