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Keysight Technologies PNA and PNA-X Series Vector Network Analyzers Option 093 Spectrum Analyzer Up to 110 GHz Option 094 Spectrum Analyzer Beyond 110 GHz Gain deeper insights into your device's - Fast spur search and spectrum monitoring in wide frequency range - Combined vector network analyzer (VNA) and multi-channel spectrum analyzer (SA) for characterizing devices with a single connection - Fully calibrated millimeter-wave spectrum analysis Fast spur search Up to terahertz frequencies The spectrum analyzer option adds a fast spur search capability to the PNA and PNA-X Series, replacing a standalone spectrum analyzer. PNA series Option 093/094 overview Performance Information Sweep speed DANLat test port Recommended External receiver attenuators for high power Simultaneous multi-channel spectrum analyzer Having spectrum analyzers on multiple ports of a device provides unparalleled insight into the performance of the device. With a single set of connections, the spurious content emanating from all ports is readily apparent during operation with fixed or swept stimuli. Simultaneous mea- - Input spectra - Output spectra - Signal leakage/ - Harmonic distortion mixing products - Channel power Unlocking Measurement Insights

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02 | Keysight | PNA and PNA-X Series Vector Network Analyzers - Flyer Unlock true performance with VNA calibration VNA calibration and fixture de-embedding removes cable and fixture effects and corrects receiver response errors; providing calibrated in-fixture spectrum analysis. Deliver a known stimulus power to the DUT by using the power-compensation feature to overcome the loss of the fixture or probes. PNA spectrum analyzer option provides: Open Features Your Benefit Easily add spectrum analysis capability to existing VNA up to terahertz frequencies Single connection capability that...

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