N9340B Handheld 3 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer


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N9340B Handheld 3 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer - 1

Product Fact Sheet Agilent N9340B Handheld 3 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer Bright new display and powerful features for field applications 1 Superior performance • Lowest DANL • Narrowest minimum RBW • Fast test speed Powerful features • • • • • • 2. 11-language user interface 3. Speaker and headphone jack 4. Built-in light sensor to adjust brightness automatically 5. 4-hour battery operating time 7. USB memory stick interface 8. Headphone jack 9. SCPI control over USB/LAN Exceptional usability • • • • • 1. 6.5’’ TFT display for indoor and outdoor use 6. Back-lit keys for night operation Spectrogram Spectral emissions mask (SEM) AM/FM, ASK/FSK modulation analysis (option) IBOC digital radio measurement DSL interference measurement USB power sensor support Bright display 600:1 contrast ratio Back-lit keys 4-hour battery life USB and LAN 11-language user interface

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N9340B Handheld 3 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer - 2

Product Fact Sheet Benefits Most powerful features for field application Exceptional usability to enhance field productivity Achieve a more complete understanding of your spectrum and improve network quality • Extended spectrogram capability with unlimited data saving, PC monitoring, playback of the spectrogram data, and more (Option INM) • IBOC AM/FM measurement with auto-tune function, masks and channel list (Option IBC) • DSL measurement to find interference and help enhance service quality (Option XDM) • AM/FM, ASK/FSK modulation analysis (Option AMA, DMA) • Spectrogram for signal...

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