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N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer - 1

Agilent N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer Brochure All the essentials of an Agilent spectrum analyzer with a price/performance that's easy to afford Spectrum analysis from 9 kHz to 3 GHz: • Measurement speed: Minimum non-zero span sweep time: 10 ms • RBW: 10 Hz to 1 MHz in 1-3-10 steps • DANL: –148 dBm with preamp Robust measurement features for characterizing your product easily: • Built-in power measurements: Channel power, OBW, ACP, SEM and TOI • Built-in power meter function with Agilent U2000 series power sensor support • Optional tracking generator and preamplifier • Remote control PC software

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N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer - 2

Agilent N9320B Spectrum Analyzer – Built to Perform, Priced for you to Compete Regardless of whether your application is electronics’ manufacture, bench repair, R&D projects, or RF related education, you need a spectrum analyzer that is equipped with the essential functionality and required performance at an affordable price. The N9320B is designed to be the right answer for you. Power measurement and automated test programming features • The accuracy of frequency selective power measurements when characterizing your products is very important. With a newly featured digital IF, the N9320B...

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N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer - 3

Agilent N9320B Spectrum Analyzer - Built to Perform, Priced for you to Compete (continued) -' HMHi -<W»m HHDBt POWtR /. 6.5-inch high resolution screen provides vivid spectral view from any angle 2. Logically arranged function keys and soft keys provides intuitive access for each operational step 3. USB interface offers convenient data storage via USB flash disk 4. Tracking generator output enables frequency response measurement ft Probe power for high impedance RF probes 7. RF input (N type, female) AM/FM demodulation Offers modulation data, including carrier power, modulation rate, AM...

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N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer - 4

Agilent N9320B Spectrum Analyzer – Built to Perform, Priced for you to Compete (continued) 1 5. Frequency reference input 6. Security Kensington lock 7. TTL trigger signal input 4. Frequency reference output 3U height easily fits into your test racks Rackmoutable Remote control PC software

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N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer - 5

Electronics Manufacturing When you need faster and more cost effective RF analysis tools for testing today’s consumer electronics products and components – look no further! We have optimized the N9320B to meet your needs in performance and cost Best-in-class performance ensures your test station is operating quickly without compromising quality • 10 ms minimum, non-zero span sweep time • ± 1.5 dB overall amplitude accuracy, typical ± 0.5 dB • 10 Hz minimum resolution bandwidth • Sensitivity is –148 dBm DANL with preamplifier • Multiple language user interface improves ease-of-use and...

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N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer - 6

Simplify Common Measurement Tasks When you find yourself having repeatedly to make the same type of complex measurement or measurement sequence, it is useful to know that some shortcuts are available. That's what we have provided for you in the N9320B spectrum analyzer. The N9320B spectrum analyzer continues the Agilent tradition that test equipment should be easy to set up and simple to use. Those familiar with other Agilent spectrum analyzers will find a similar user interface in the N9320B, allowing for a shorter learning curve and easier operation. One button auto-tuning allows you to...

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N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer - 7

Simplify Common Measurement Tasks (continued) Bench repair An effective, professional bench repair tool Most bench repair tasks demand fast, cost effective test solutions. Being small and lightweight, the N9320B spectrum analyzer is as functional and indispensable in low-cost bench repair applications as it is for field troubleshooting. Detecting low signal levels while simultaneously resolving closely spaced frequencies is a fundamental requirement for RF testing. Employing one of the best combinations of sensitivity and narrow resolution bandwidths (RBW) ensures that an N9320B spectrum...

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N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer - 8

Simplify Common Measurement Tasks (continued) EMI filters now available (Option EMF) One of the criticalsteps for product development in order to sell electronic products on the commercial market, is theymust pass EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) requirements. Waiting until the end of the development cycle to find out whether or not a product passes regulatory agency requirements can be an expensive gamble. Failing topass can result in costly redesign, delays while waiting for additional EMC compliance testing and results and apostponement to your product introduction. N9320B offers...

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N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer - 9

When it comes to receiving the best return from your R&D equipment budget, turn to Agilent's new generation of low-cost analyzers and sources. Additional features that make spectrum analysis markers allowoptimum • Marker table lists the frequen- cy and amplitude matrix from all active markers, including delta markers • Frequency counter offers more accurate frequency • USB flash memory stick support provides quick save or recall of measurement data Limited on your R&D budget? You'll find an N9320B spectrum analyzer equally versatile for budget sensitive R&D applications. It is also suitable...

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N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer - 10

Education Teacher’s special: Display projection When you are ready to show frequency domain phenomena to your students or even the instrument operation, you may want to display the instrument screen in a larger format for all the students in the lab or classroom to observe. The N9320B supports VGA output and can display the instrument’s screen on a larger monitor or video projector simultaneously. Affordable, fast support Buying test equipment from Agilent’s new low-cost series puts you in touch with top-line service and support should you need it. So, you can be confident that you are...

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N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer - 11

Education (continued) Typical RF teaching lab solution • N9320B: RF spectrum analyzer • N9310A: RF signal generator • N9320B-TR1: RF training kit RF education solution from Agilent One of the best ways to improve your students’ learning efficiency for RF related curriculums is to combine teaching with hands-on labs. We also suspect you may want to save precious instructor time by leveraging an RF teaching lab that’s already well designed and yet inexpensive. The N9320B spectrum analyzer and its educational kit (Ordering code: N9320B-TR1), together with Agilent’s basic signal generator...

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