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N7700A Photonic Application  Suite - 2

N7700A Photonic Application Suite Suite is a collection of advanced and basic software tools for making optical measurements, controlling fiberoptic instruments, and analyzing measure- ment results. Select, install and maintain * Main Package: Analyze results in a powerful Viewer, save and export to com- mon file formats and tools Measure IL vs. wavelength with a tunable laser and power meters * Fast Spectral Loss Engine: Calibrate and adjust devices with the fast spectral loss engine at repetition rates up to 10x faster • IL&PDL Engine: length with the advanced single- sweep Mueller...

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N7700A Photonic Application  Suite - 3

N7700A Photonic Application Suite (continued) The N7700A IL/PDL Engine package measures passive optical components and optical-to-electrical devices like integrated receivers with an advanced routine to determine the dependence on wavelength and polarization for one or multiple ports. The unique single-sweep Mueller Matrix method reduces measurement time and is very robust against environmental disturbance like fiber movement and temperature drift, while maintaining high dynamic range, wavelength accuracy and freedom from bandwidth-limited distortions. In addition to the measured IL and PDL...

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N7700A Photonic Application  Suite - 4

N7700A Photonic Application Suite (continued) The IL Engine package provides a measurement engine for very accurate swept- wavelength insertion loss measurements. This is a convenient GUI implementation of the widely used 816x Plug&Play MFlambdascan functionality. This can be used with all Agilent continuously swept tunable lasers, 816-series power sensor modules and heads as well as the N7744A, N7745A and highest sensitivity N7747A and N7748A power meters. No license required. The Filter/Multiplexer Analysis package provides extended post-processing of measurements from the IL/PDL and IL...

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N7700A Photonic Application  Suite - 5

N7700A Photonic Application Suite (continued) The Polarization Navigator package provides all the tools needed for your work with N778x polarization analysis and control instruments: measurement of Stokes parameters and degree of polariza- tion (DOP), representation on the Poincare sphere, PER measurement, long-term monitoring, spike analysis, etc. Various functions for control, switching and scrambling the polarization of optical signals are also provided. The Polarization Navigator also makes robust single-sweep PMD, PDL and IL measurements with the N7788B and a tunable laser....

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N7700A Photonic Application  Suite - 6

Configuring the N7700A-100 IL/PDL Measurement Engine A typical setup for measuring with the IL/PDL engine is shown in Figure 4. Details to the method are described in the application note “IL and PDL spectra with the N7786B Polarization Synthesizer and the N7700A Photonic Application Suite” 5990-3779EN, available at www.agilent.com/find/n7700. Controller PC USB or GPIB GPIB Trig Out Trigger Adapter Cable, N7786-61601 Expansion Port N7786B Trig In Output Output Optical connections Electrical connections Figure 4. Schematic Setup for Single-Sweep IL and PDL Measurements. This setup combines a...

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N7700A Photonic Application  Suite - 7

Configuring the N7700A-100 IL/PDL Measurement Engine (continued) Additional functionality with add-on instruments expanded in several ways. extended by using 2 or 3 tunable lasers, which can be chosen for the desired wavelength range. For example a configuration like in Figure 6 can be used for tests in 1630 nm. Wider ranges and higher spectral dynamics can be obtained low-SSE lasers, even over the full wavelength range. The measure- ment runs automatically, like with a single laser, using the 81595B switch. Results are shown as a single graph, possibly with a gap or overlap between the...

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N7700A Photonic Application  Suite - 8

Spectral measurement of devices with integrated photodiodes With Version 1.5, the Option 100 IL/PDL Engine adds several features that support measurement of ICR and other integrated detector devices. measure units can also be used to measure the photocurrent, which adds the flexibility of applying posi- tive or negative bias to the anodes. The device can be isolated from chassis ground as well. • There is a mode with reduced sam- pling rate to accommodate devices with high capacitance and thus lower bandwidth at the photodiode • The 81636B fast power sensor can be used for the optical...

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N7700A Photonic Application  Suite - 9

Details for Other Applications Details for the N7700A-101 filter/multiplexer analysis The N7700A-101 license can be purchased to provide additional analysis of results from the IL/PDL and the IL engines for devices with passbands, like filters, multiplexers, interleavers and delay-line interferometers. The functionality begins with a convenient peak-search routine that can locate multiple channels in a trace. For add-drop filters and multiplexers with a single-wavelength channel on each port, the analysis of the IL trace based on the standard IEC 61300-329 gives: peak wavelength, center...

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N7700A Photonic Application  Suite - 10

Details for Other Applications (continued) Configuring the fast spectral loss measurement engine This engine is used to synchronize one of the Agilent swept-wavelength tunable lasers with an N7744A or N7745A multiport power meter for spectral measurements with high repetition rate and high dynamic range. The setup is illustrated in Figure 10. When used with the 81600B, 81940A or 81980A, this rapidly repeats sweeps from short to long wavelength. With the 81960A, the repetition rate is further increased by using bidirectional sweeps, also measuring while the laser returns to short wavelength....

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N7700A Photonic Application  Suite - 11

Details for Other Applications (continued) Details for the Polarization Navigator The Polarization Navigator is the user interface for the N778x-series polarization instruments. This has now been integrated into the N7700A suite and is free. Installation requires the N7700A Main package and the Polarization Navigator package. For instruments that include a polarization analyzer, including the N7781B, N7788B, and more limited to special uses the N7782B and N7786B, the software provides the polarization analyzer functions. The signal can be displayed and traced on the Poincaré sphere or as...

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