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Product Fact Sheet Keysight N6705B DC Power Analyzer and N67XX DC Power Modules Includes: N673X, N674X, N675X, N676X, N677X, N678X Get insight into your device’s power consumption – in minutes, not hours – without writing a single line of code 1 Save time with this single-box solution – Unrivaled productivity gains for sourcing and measuring DC voltage and current. – One-box solution that eliminates the need to gather multiple instruments: up to 4 advanced DC power supplies, DMM, scope, arb and data logger. 14585A control and analysis software The software for the Keysight Technologies, Inc. DC power analyzer compliments the front panel of the N6705A/B mainframe, offering advanced functionality and PC control. It is a lexible R&D tool for any application. It can control any of the N6700 family’s over 30 DC power modules when installed in a N6705A/B mainframe. When used to control an N6781A SMU, it can be used for advanced battery drain analysis applications. Color display for fast, simple setup and monitoring Digital voltage and current read back with meter view Arbitrary power waveform generator Easy front-panel controls eliminate the need to develop programs 5. Rear panel computer interfaces: GPIB, USB, LAN (LXI class C compliant) 6. Emergency stop button-stops output of power but measurements continue 7. Connections and controls color-coded to display 8. Up to 4 advanced DC power outputs 9. Oscilloscope-like view of voltage and current with markers and calculated measurements 10. Data logging of voltage, current, and power – Compliments the N6705A/B DC power analyzer’s front panel controls. – Control and analyze data from up to four N6705A/B DC power analyzer mainframes and any installed modules at once – that’s up to 16 power supplies simultaneously. – Easily create complex waveforms to stimulate or load down a DUT by inputting a formula, choosing from built-in, or importing waveform data. – Enhanced control and analysis of data with familiar PC controls and large display. – Data log measurements directly to a PC. – Perform statistical analysis of power consumption.

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Keysight | N6705B DC Power Analyzer and N67XX DC Power Modules - Product Fact Sheet The Keysight N6705B DC Power Analyzer is a modular system consisting of a mainframe and your choice of up to 4 power modules. Basic modules Precision modules Source Measure Units (SMUs) Arbitrary waveform Sine, step, pulse, ramp, trapezoid, staircase, exponential, user-defined voltage, user-defined current Scope function Digitizes at up to 200 kHz, up to 512 k points, up to 18 bits (module dependent) Data logger Measurement interval from 20 u to 60s, max of 500 M readings per data log (module dependent) 4 GB...

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