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SOLUTION BROCHURE Multi-Channel Antenna Calibration, Reference Solution Challenge the Boundaries of Test Agilent Modular Products Accelerate the calibration of large antenna arrays with precise cross-element phase and magnitude measurements. Get ready for the future with increased measurement bandwidth and system flexibility. Multi-channel antenna calibration challenges As the market for multi-channel, phased-array antennas grow, manufacturers experience increased pressure to reduce cost and increase test capacity. At the same time, manufacturers would like to expand test system flexibility to cover broad use cases and provide options for future upgrades. The calibration and testing of multi-channel antennas brings many challenges and, therefore requires a new testing approach: • An increase in the number of array elements results in an increase in test times and test complexity • For precise beam-forming, it is critical to achieve phase coherent sampling across all input channels, providing relative amplitude and phase measurements • Advancements in antenna and radar technologies requires a test system that is flexible and upgradeable Multi-channel antenna calibration, Reference Solution The multi-channel antenna test Reference Solution is a combination of hardware, software, and measurement expertise providing the essential components of a narrow-band antenna calibration test system. This enables engineers to use, enhance, or modify the test system as required to meet specific test application needs including scalable channel count, options for downconversion of antenna receive channels, selectable analysis BW, and choice of RF/micro wave sources and LO. It can also be extended to wide-band measurements as needs change. To facilitate evaluation and integration in your test environment, you can use supplied test code examples to set up receiver channels, including DDC, make phase and magnitude measurements, add channel-channel correction factors, and export measurements for post-processing.

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Reference Solution architecture Open Text File Format Phase measurements • Open file format for post processing Automated Instrument • Control to make Ch/Ch Baseband Hardware Ch-Ch Amplitude • Cross channel Signal Generator for Stimulus Front End Signal Conditioning Local Oscillator Solution features & benefits Features Benefits Up to 40+ digitizer channels Provides 8-1 Ox improvement in antenna measurement time Phase coherent sampling across input channels Optimizes signal capture while improving amplitude "ypical solution performance Measurement throughput Up to 1M narrow-band Frequency...

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Hardware configuration M9703A AXIe 12-bit digitizer/wide-band receiver Make 8 high-speed, high resolution, and phase-coherent baseband measurements with a single AXIe module. Expand capability by combining multiple modules in a single AXIe chassis. Tune and zoom full-bandwidth ADC measurements with the DDC to a narrower frequency analysis band of interest with improved amplitude/phase sensitivity. M9362A-D01 and M9352A PXI-based quad downconverter and amplifier Match the signal output of the antenna to...

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Antenna calibration example software The Reference Solution is provided with a C# test code exam- ple specifically designed to collect data from an antenna under test and compute cross-channel magnitude and phase data. To accelerate test development and facilitate the integration in your test environment, the source code for the example soft- ware is provided in the form of a .NET class library. This allows you to build-upon the example (using Microsoft Visual studio or National Instruments LabVIEW) and customize the collection and processing of data to your specific application needs. Test...

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Wide-band signal analysis software Integrating the Reference Solution into your test environment When integrating this Reference Solution into your test environment, keep the following notes in mind: Using the M9703A and DDC with Agilent 89600 VSA software for advanced measurement analysis enables cross-channel baseband measurements including phase and amplitude. The VSA software provides seamless control of the M9703A digitizer including DDC and multi-channel support (up to 8-channels). It is particularly useful when more complete visualization is required with wide-band measurements. •...

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Multi-Channel Antenna Calibration, Reference Solution - 6 Description AXIe 12-bit digitizer Maximum sampling rate, 1.6 GS/s Real-time digital downconversion Bandwidth, 1 GHz path enabled Memory, 16 GB, 1024 MSamples/ch PXI amplifier/attenuator PXIe quad downconverter 10 MHz – 26.5 GHz frequency range 10 MHz – 40 GHz frequency range 18-slot PXIe chassis PXIe high-performance embedded controller Windows embedded standard 7 (64-bit) Adds 8 GB memory Adds 16 GB memory 2-slot AXIe chassis 5-slot AXIe chassis 14-slot AXIe chassis Adds AXIe system module MXG microwave analog signal generator...

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