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Measuring Dielectric Properties using Agilent’s Materials Measurement Solutions A wide variety of industries need a better understanding of the materials they are working with to shorten design cycles, process monitoring, and quality assurance. Every material has a unique set of electrical characteristics that are dependent on its dielectric properties. Accurate measurements of these properties can provide scientists and engineers with valuable information to properly incorporate the material into its intended application. A dielectric materials measurement can provide critical design parameter information for many electronics applications. For example, the loss of a cable insulator, the impedance of a substrate, or the frequency of a dielectric resonator can be related to its dielectric properties. More recent applications in the area of aerospace, automotive, food and medical industries have also been found to benefit from knowledge of dielectric properties. The material evaluation systems that generate these measurements must combine precise measurement instruments, test fixtures that hold the material under test (MUT), and software that calculate and display material parameters. Agilent offers you fast, accurate and often non-destructive solutions. The measurement instruments, such as network analyzers, impedance analyzers and LCR meters provide accurate measurement results with wide frequency range up to 1.1 THz. Fixtures are available that are based on coaxial probe, parallel plate, coaxial/waveguide transmission lines, free space and resonant cavity methods. The easy-to-use materials measurement software streamlines the process of measuring complex permittivity and permeability. The table below shows product examples that can be measured by Agilent’s material test solutions. • Fast, accurate and nondestructive solutions • Wide frequency coverage, up to 1.1 THz • A variety of measurement methods supported Capacitor, substrates, PCB, PCB antenna, ferrites, absorbers, SAR phantom materials Stealth, RAM (radiation absorbing materials), radomes Industrial materials Ceramics & composites: A/D and automotive components, coatings Polymers & plastics: ibers, ilms, insulation materials Hydrogel: disposable diaper, soft contact lens Liquid crystal: displays Other products containing these materials: tires, paint, adhesives, etc. Food & agriculture Food preservation (spoilage) research, food development for microwave, packaging, moisture measurements Forestry & mining Moisture measurements in wood or paper, oil content analysis Pharmaceutical & medical Drug research and manufacturing, bio-implants, human tissue characterization, biomass, fermentation

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Measurement techniques There are several measurement techniques that exist for measuring dielectric properties of materials. Users need to verify which technique is appropriate for their MUT. Agilent solutions cover all the measurement Coaxial probe method The coaxial probe method is best for liquids and semi-solid (powder) materials. The method is simple, convenient, non- destructive and with one measurement. A typical measurement system consists of a network analyzer or impedance analyzer, a coaxial probe and software. Both the software and the probe are included in the Agilent 85070E...

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Measurement systems Agilent offers a variety of fixtures and measurement instruments that covers many material types. The software is also provided depending on required measurement techniques or instruments. See related literature for more Test fixtures and instruments The lineup of Agilent test fixtures is summarized in Figure 2. See Table 1 for available measurement instruments. Agilent network analyzers, up to 1.1 THz PNA family network analyzers The Agilent 85071E materials measurement software streamlines the process of measuring complex permittivity and permeability with a network...

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Related Literature Basics of Measuring the Dielectric Properties of Materials, Application note, Literature number 5989-2589EN Solutions for Measuring Permittivity and Permeability with LCR Meters and Impedance Analyzers, Application note, Literature number 5980-2862EN Split Post Dielectric Resonators for Dielectric Measurements of Substrates, Application note, Literature number 5989-5384EN Agilent 85070E Dielectric Probe Kit, Technical overview, Literature number 5989-0222EN Agilent 85071E Materials Measurement Software, Technical overview, Literature number 5988-9472EN Agilent 85072A...

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