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Agilent M9252A DigRF Host Adapter Protocol test for MIPI Alliance Gear1 and Gear2 DigRf v4 RFICs Data Sheet I n d u s tr i e s and A p p l i cat i o ns DigRF is used in mobile terminals for Long Term Evolution (LTE) and WiMax communications, including: • RFIC development test • RFIC validation • RFIC device integration P r o d u c t D escr i p t i o n Validation of RFIC operation starts before the handset integration phase. Engineering teams need DigRF digital serial stimulus and analysis tools that operate in concert with the traditional RF tools. The M9252A DigRF Host Adapter module belongs to the Agilent Technologies RDX family. The module provides the serial stimulus capabilities required for the MIPITM Alliance DigRF v4-based RFIC evaluation and characterization. A single module combines stimulus and Rx side capture capabilities to generate configurable control and data traffic and observe the response from the Device Under Test (DUT). It allows engineers to work in the domain (digital or RF) of their choice to quickly characterize the DUT’s digital and wireless behavior. F ea tur es a nd Be n e fits For RFIC test, simulates a BB-IC Gear 2 (HS2x) support Multi-link Automation API Seamless integration with Agilent 89600 VSA software Control and configure the RFIC to match the test setup Test high throughput to the latest MIPI specifications Support for 1Rx/1Tx at low power or 4Rx/2Tx at Gear 2 high speed Complete programmatic control for complete production testing requirements Immediate access to the industry’s broadest, most advanced standards-based demodulation and signal analysis Conquer protocol testing challenges with integrated DigRF and RF analysis solutions from Agilent Technologies Spec ific ations and Charac teristic s H ar dwar e Size DigRF v4 DUT connection GPIO bus Trigger input/output Link speeds Link support Lane configurations 1 slot 3U Version 1.0 and 1.1 Samtec 50-pin ERF8-025-05.0-L-DV A 6-pin-width GPIO bus can stimulate and sense proprietary interfaces MMCX connections for external device synchronization Low power (LP) High speed (HS1x) Gear 1 High speed (HS2x) Gear 2 (Option 001) 1 link 2 links (Option 002) Primary and secondary lanes 1Tx/1Rx 1Tx/2Rx 2Tx/4Rx (Option 003) Supported operating Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit) Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64-bit) systems Programming COM API, graphical user interface control

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The Agilent M9252A supports configurable traffic generation with customizable headers, payloads, and frame-sequence control. The host adapter allows the user to characterize and analyze RFIC performance with LTE-Advanced transmit and receive waveforms. • Precise control of timing for each DigRF frame sent The M9252A works with Agilent vector signal generation and analysis software to perform cutting edge LTE-A carrier aggregation and RF quality analysis. The M9252A module can be combined with an RF signal generator and analyzer for RF interface stimulus and analysis. The same signal...

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