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Keysight Process Analysis Accelerate Time to Market. Lower Costs. Reduce Risks. Your transformation starts here... Nearly every industry is being transformed by market and technology forces that bring new opportunities for growth, but aiso new challenges. Keysight offers a powerful combination of industry leading solutions, technology expertise, and transformation experience. We partner with clients to help them achieve remarkable results on KEYSIGHT SERVICES Accelerate Technology Adoption. Lower costs.

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Market & technology forces are transforming industries… ——Emerging standards/technologies ——Drive to lower cost & shift to fixed cost ——Low margin data explosion ——Assurance of supply / Long life programs ——Substantial first to market advantage ——Higher volumes & Commodity-like requirements A set of pervasive technology forces — the internet of things, big data & analytics, mobile, social, cloud, etc. — are driving massive explosion in the volume, diversity and complexity of devices. These forces are also driving system complexity and demand for ultra-high security and reliability...

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Assure business outcomes through expert analysis and best practices implementation — reducing the complete cost of test, accelerating time to market, and mitigating risk. Keysight offers a powerful combination of industry leading solutions, technology & process expertise, transformation experience and business insight to help clients bring breakthrough electronic products to market faster and at a lower cost. Three key elements work together to deliver measurable results: 1. A partnership model that provides access to industry leading T&M technologies, deep technical expertise, broad...

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The Keysight Process Analysis Approach A stepwise approach assures outcomes We have integrated learnings from our own transformation and ongoing excellence in operations to create the industry’s largest benchmark database and process methodology. Keysight Process Analysis is a stepwise approach that combines business and technical expertise to develop implementable strategies based on expert analysis and best practices. 1 Define Goals & Scope 4 Financial Study 5 Present Findings 6 Progress Assessment Our engagement methodology starts with understanding your desired outcomes and mutually...

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Aligning Design to Manufacturing through Test Opportunities for process improvement & innovation are enabled by aligning design to manufacturing through test. Time to market can be accelerated through simulation of complex systems and designing for manufacturing. Automation, workflow simulation, and designing for parallel test are just a few ways in which we can help you rapidly ramp to production. Control Systems Manufacturer 60% Lowered costs hardware Device performance & asset utilization analysis, combined with predictive maintenance can help optimize manufacturing and assure...

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Assuring results that matter Low volume high mix is always a tough business. A leading avionics manufacturer needed to streamline their manufacturing and test processes to remain competitive. By focusing on basic operational imperatives and understanding each of the test processes, we realigned their test needs to target finding defects faster with more accuracy and ensuring a robust quality process. In addition, they saw improved throughput and lowered overall cost, specifically they reduced defects by 59%, return rate by 64% and cycle time by 60%. Meet one of the experts Duane Lowenstein...

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Leverage nearly 80 years of measurement excellence You've known us as Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, and now Keysight Technologies. Since 1939, the bedrock of our approach has been a commitment to measurement integrity: it ensures consistent results that correlate across test platforms as your product moves through simulation, R&D, design verification and manufacturing. Transforming hidden challenges into business opportunity It's an issue that all leaders face. One that crosses time zones. And transcends any language barrier. "How can I unlock the hidden potential that lies within...

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