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Keysight Technologies Ion Beam Current Measurement - Product Fact Sheet The Keysight B2980A Series Femto/Picoammeter and Electrometer/ High Resistance Meter Facilitates Stable Ion Beam Adjustment. This one-pager describes how the B2980A Series Femto/Picoammeter can facilitate the adjustment of ion beam systems (including the cable interfacing) to improve measurement results. Ion beam technology Where is ion beam technology used? Ion beam technology is widely used in engineering, biology, medical science and the physical sciences. Major applications include: –– Ion implanters used in semiconductor wafer processing. –– Materials research in areas such as superconductivity and mass spectroscopy for materials analysis. –– Marking and destroying chemical materials and cancer cells. Ion beam calibration is crucial To insure accurate results, an ion beam should be calibrated before use. During calibration the following parameters are typically calibrated by measuring the ion beam current using an ammeter. –– Ion beam alignment –– Ion beam strength Key points in the ion beam current measurement The following are key points to consider when measuring ion beam current. –– The ion beam current is typically very small (in the nanoamp or even picoamp range), so a picoammeter or electrometer is required to make these measurements. –– The ability to display the beam current behavior in real time greatly facilitates the ion beam current adjustment process B2987A Electrometer/ High Resistance Meter The B2980A Series Femto/Picoammeter is the best solution for ion beam current measurement Key ammeter features –– 2 pA to 20 mA full scale auto-ranging –– Conveniently located front panel measurement navigation key enables quick adjustment of both the manual current range and the measurement speed –– Floating ammeter design allows easy application of a DC bias –– Electrometer versions with built-in DC bias sources are available (B2985A/B2987A) Battery operated versions available Both the picoammeter and electrometer have battery operated versions (B2983A & B2987A respectively) to improve noise immunity and allow for cord-free operation. Roll graph view facilitates ion beam adjustment The B2980A Series’ roll graph view can show the time-based behavior of the ion beam current, making it easy to determine how long it takes the beam to stabilize and to optimize the beam current settings. –– The Roll graph’s auto-scaling time axis feature means that data is refreshed in real time. –– In addition to Roll view, Graph and Histogram views are also available to help with the ion beam optimization It is easy to monitor changes in the ion beam current as they occur.

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Keysight | Ion Beam Current Measurement - Product Fact Sheet B2980A Series Ammeter Ion Beam Collector Connection Examples Example 1. Connecting to a vacuum chamber with a coaxial BNC This example shows how to connect a vacuum chamber with a BNC (coaxial) to the ammeter's triaxiai input. Figure 1 shows details of the connection scheme be- tween the B2980A Series ammeter and the vacuum chamber. Note that here a BNC vacuum connector is used to connect to the inside of the vacuum chamber. The B2980A Series ammeter is a floating design with a triaxiai input. The center of the triaxiai connector...

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