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Infiniium 8000 Series Oscilloscopes Superior mixed-signal analysis and debug Data Sheet Anticipate_Accelerate_Achieve Agilent Technologies

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If you haven't purchased an Agilent scope lately, why should you consider If you're like most engineers, you never know what your next project will demand from you. You need an oscilloscope that can adapt to a wide variety of debug and test challenges. We built in the powerful features you'd expect in any Infiniium scope. Then we engineered the scope for superior mixed-signal debug and analysis, so it would be a flexible tool in your arsenal. There is no better way to experience the superiority of the Infiniium 8000 Series scopes than to see it. Contact Agilent today to request an...

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Infiniium 8000 Series Oscilloscopes - 3

What makes the Infiniium 8000 Series flexible enough for a whole range of test and debug challenges? Great measurement capability Oscilloscope: The powerful features of our Infiniium Series oscilloscopes, coupled with good scope specifications give you excellent signal representation on both DSO and MSO models. Logic analyzer: 16 digital channels let you see critical data values and timing relationships on MSO models. Wide range of debug and compliance application software Need accurate answers to your measurement questions? The Infiniium 8000 Series offers a wide range of...

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Infiniium 8000 Series Oscilloscopes - 4

Oscilloscope Capabilities Scope channels ensure superior viewing of signals under test. All models incorporate a powerful, feature-packed Infiniium oscilloscope with responsive deep memory. Up to 1 GHz bandwidth and 4 GSa/s high sample rates guarantee you’ll see a good representation of the analog characteristics of signals you’re testing Mask tests, histograms and a wide variety of functions provide deep signal analysis.

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Infiniium 8000 Series Oscilloscopes - 5

Oscilloscope Capabilities (continued) Responsive deep memory With standard 4 Mpts, and up to 128 Mpts of memory, you can capture long time periods while retaining fast sample rates. Fast update rates mean your scope stays responsive with deep memory on, ensuring precise representation of analog signals. Advanced triggering Advanced triggers are essential when you are investigating suspected problems. Infiniium offers a full range of advanced triggers to help you isolate and capture the condition you need to characterize. Drag and drop measurements It’s simple: drag an icon from the...

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Infiniium 8000 Series Oscilloscopes - 6

MSO Capabilities MSO models add 16 high-speed timing channels Use the timing channels to evaluate control signal relationships and data buses up to 16 bits wide. Use symbols to more quickly interpret waveforms. Designing with Altera or Xilinx FPGAs? Use the FPGA dynamic probe for rapid internal FPGA measurements. Using I²C, SPI, or CAN? Use the digital channels to acquire and decode these buses, preserving analog channels for other time-correlated measurements. Digital and mixed-signal trigger Trigger on and display individual signals or buses. With precise time-correlation between analog...

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Infiniium 8000 Series Oscilloscopes - 7

Infiniium Features Serial, parallel and wideband signal decode Whether you are working on serial, parallel or wideband signals, you can use the 8000 Series to decode your waveforms. When you are working on parallel waveforms, you can even cus- tomize the bus states to be displayed Chart mode feature Chart mode applies trend analysis techniques to see how the digital output (ADC, counter, address lines, etc.) vary over time. This method is effective to quickly find anomalies of the digital signals. You can also apply math operators such as "FFT" to view the frequency domain of the analog...

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Infiniium 8000 Series Oscilloscopes - 8

Infiniium Features (continued) DSO8064A/MSO8064A, DSO8104A/MSO8104A Simple zooming Zooming with Infiniium’s graphical user interface is simple and convenient. Just use the mouse to draw a box around the area of interest and click inside. Zoom uses the full display so you get meaningful vertical as well as horizontal resolution gains. Use multiple zoom boxes to see deep inside your signal. Zooming couldn’t be simpler or faster. Bus mode display Bus mode display on MSOs allows quick and easy read-out of hexadecimal representation of logic signals. Bus state mode display allows the bus readout...

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Infiniium 8000 Series Oscilloscopes - 9

Infiniium Features (continued) DSO8064A/MSO8064A, DSO8104A/MSO8104A Web-enabled control For distributed teams, simply set up Infiniium on your LAN, and up to three users can access it from any Java-enabled Web browser. No special software is required. You can easily grab screen shots for a report, or troubleshoot designs from a remote location. AutoMask and mask test Mask testing is simplified with AutoMask. Acquire a waveform, define tolerance limits, and create a test envelope. Mask testing provides a pass/fail comparison of an incoming signal to the test envelope. Easily test your...

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Infiniium 8000 Series Oscilloscopes - 10

Infiniium Features (continued) DSO8064A/MSO8064A, DSO8104A/MSO8104A High/low pass filter This function applies a real-time digital filter to the source waveform that you choose. This filtering feature enhances your ability to examine important signal components by filtering out unwanted frequency components. QuickMeasure and statistics Instantly make five common measurements on your signal, with easy-to-read statistics, by pressing the QuickMeas+ button on the front of your Infiniium. The measurements displayed can be easily customized. Pseudo state Convert digital timing waveforms into...

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Infiniium 8000 Series Oscilloscopes - 11

Connectivity and Probing Connectivity Industry compatibility Export screen shots and waveforms in numerous industry-standard formats. In addition, the 8000 Series supports compatibility with the following • IVI COM driver for application development environments such as Visual Studio, Agilent VEE, NI LabView and MATLAB instrument control toolbox. • IntuiLink tool bars and data • LXI Class C including built-in Web control Probing The Infiniium 8000 Series oscilloscopes ship with four 10073C 10:1 divider passive probes per...

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Infiniium 8000 Series Oscilloscopes - 12

Drag-and-drop measurements from the measurement bar provide an intuitive way to make a measurement on a particular cycle of your waveform. Up to 128 Mpts of MegaZoom fast deep memory sustains maximum sample rates for long time captures. Remote access via Web browser or programming environment with GPIB commands over LAN allows you to access your oscilloscope from any networked PC. Get fast answers to your questions with the comprehensive built-in information system. The task-oriented setup guide provides step-by-step instructions for several measurement procedures. Touch screen display...

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