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FieldFox and Nemo Handy Overcoming 5G network challenges 5G Network Installation and Troubleshooting Challenges 5G network operations are quite unique and pose challenges and network troubleshooting issues: • 5G typically anchors on the 4G LTE control channel, which means the 4G performance will also impact the 5G performance. • The beams’ signal level and signal to noise ratio, of Beamforming and massive MIMO, in addition to the RSSI, determine the coverage. • In 5G FR1 (frequency range 1<7.2 GHz) the goal is to match 5G coverage with 4G and a significant performance boost which means it is less sensitive to interference. • In 5G FR2 (frequency range 2>24 GHz) the goal is to offer ultra-fast internet speed during dense traffic times. This requires robust concentrated coverage and smooth handover between 5G mmWave to 5G FR1 or 4G LTE. • Indoor deployment is a critical part of the 5G strategy because most people consume data while inside a building. Indoor usage requires 5G infrastructures to work with existing indoor networks, including indoor distributed antenna systems and remote radios. Find us at Page 1

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5G Network Tools for Successful Results Efficiency and reliability are critical for 5G network field deployment. Addressing installation and troubleshooting issues effectively requires a specific set of tools. The tools must be multifunction, field proof, and light weight for portability. An ideal solution is the Keysight FieldFox analyzer along with the NEMO handy network tool which help RF operations teams to deploy the 5G network faster and quickly root out any interference issues. Keysight FieldFox 5G Base Station Installation and Site Troubleshooting: The all-in-one FieldFox wideband...

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Nemo Handy Handheld Measurement Solution Fast, Efficient, On-the-Go Network Measurement and Troubleshooting Nemo Handy provides you with smart and discreet solutions for thorough and advanced 5G site acceptance. Nemo Handy includes measurement and optimization of wireless air interface and mobile application Quality-of Service (QoS) and Quality-of-Experience (QoE). The handheld Nemo Handy products are highly suitable for performing measurements both outdoors and in busy, crowded indoor spaces. You will experience the best real-time measurement visualization on the handheld market with the...

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Contact Keysight Premier Rental Partners Stretch Your Budget While Meeting Your Deliverables! When cash is scarce, but deadlines persist, affordable rentals of Keysight FieldFox and Nemo handy tools can keep you on track. Test equipment rentals help you meet your deadlines at a fraction of the purchase price! Test equipment rentals help you meet your deadlines at fraction of the purchase price! Keysight can provide trade in credits if you have Anritus and Viavi tools that don’t support 5G. Why rent? • Flexible financial terms: use your operating budget, finance, or purchase over time •...

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