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Enclosures Solutions Product Catalog Rack Cabinets Rack Accessories Rackmount Kits Testmobile Carts

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How to Use the Agilent Enclosure Catalog 3 Rack Cabinets Standard Rack Cabinets Rack Cabinet with Factory-installed Power Distribution Units Multi-bay Rackmount Configurations Configuration Guide Power Distribution Units Front Doors Rear Doors Extractor Fans Work Surface Rack Filler Panels 36 Rear Door Hinge 38 Quartz Gray Paint 38 Testmobiles & Accessories Monitor Rackmount Kits 22 Keyboard Rackmount Kits 23 Instrument Rackmount Kits 25 Instrument Compatibility with Racks 25 Handles & Rackmount Flanges 26 Rackmount Adapter Kits 29 Support Shelf, Filler Panels & Slides 30 Lock Link Kits 32

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How to use the Agilent Enclosure Catalog This catalog has been standardized to help you navigate the pages more easily. Every product page in the catalog includes common features to help you quickly and easily identify the information you are seeking. 1) Product category 2) Product and description: Each product page will begin with a general description of the product and its role in the rack system. 3) Specifications: The specifications box details the key dimensions of the product, including weight and load capacity. 4) Photographed detail of product: A photograph of the product will help...

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Ordering Guide Ordering Guide Agilent provides a streamlined ordering system to help you place your order quickly and easily. • Agilent call center: In the U.S. call (800) 452-4844 (see back cover for a list of Agilent call centers). There are three convenient ways to place an order: • Parts ordering (U.S. only): www.parts.agilent.com • Your Agilent Field Engineer (see back cover for a list of regional offices or visit www.agilent.com/find/contactus) Description of Product or Part Use the following table to map out the products and parts you need to order for quick reference. Agilent’s...

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Rack Solution for Agilent Systems Agilent Technologies offers 19-inch EIA (Electronics Industries Association) rack cabinets tailored to meet the needs of test and measurement instrumentation customers. Rack mounting is fast and easy with unique design features. A selection of options and accessories provides flexibility to meet the vast majority of racking applications. Standard rack cabinets: E3661B (32 EIA), E7590A (25 EIA), E3662B (41 EIA) Shipping Features All racks and accessories are shipped with basic assembly completed, as shown. Standard rack cabinet (E3661B) Standard Rack...

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Rack Cabinets Load a Rack in Less Time The design of Agilent support rails can cut in half the time required to install equipment in a rack. The rails hang on discrete slots on the vertical mounting columns, corresponding to each EIA unit in the rack. Vertical adjustment between instruments is minimized by selecting the proper rail. Rails are available for Agilent System II instruments and for flat bottom instrument chassis (see page 34). The system was specifically designed to minimize the time required to install instruments. Rack Systems Fast and Easily Racks are shipped with all basic...

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Enhance Stability A front mounted retractable anti-tip stabilizer that can be extended into place with ease is standard on all racks. It provides temporary anti-tip capability for slide mounted products when they are in their extended position. Use the optional anti-tip ballast kit when permanent antitip capability is desired. space is available for the installation of power distribution units (PDUs) and as a convenient location for cables, which are routed out the bottom of the rack. The added rear space also enhances air flow. Standard Rack Cabinets — 1.3 m, 1.6 m, 2.0 m Our line of rack...

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Side Panel Side Panel Front Rack View Side Rack View Rack Specifications Ordering Information Casters Rating Lift Hook Rating 318 kg (700 lbs) each, 816 kg (1800 lbs) total Casters have a point contact convex cross section 227 kg (500 lbs) each Total system and cabinet weight is a maximum 816 kg (1800 lbs), static. Lift cabinet using all four (4) hooks. Description 1.3 m rack 1.6 m rack 2.0 m rack Rack Dimensions, Weight and Load Ratings Prod. No. E7590A E3661B E3662B Exterior Interior* Exterior Interior* Exterior Interior* *Interior = EIA units = Rackmountable space. Front to rear column...

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Rack Cabinets ► 1.3 m Rack Cabinet E7590A E7590A Configurations Solid side panels and a lockable vented rear door are standard equipment on the Agilent E7590A (1.3 m, 25 EIA Units) rack cabinet. To provide better value and save integration time, choose a variety of power distribution unit (PDU) options. Choose the PDU option you want, and your rack will arrive fully assembled and ready for use. Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Options: Factory installed PDUs are available in a 100-120V North American configuration (AW3) or a 200-240V International configuration (AW5). See the table below for...

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Rack Cabinets ►1.6 m and 2.0 m Rack Cabinets E3661B and E3662BA E3661B & E3662B Configurations The Agilent E3661B (1.6 m, 32 EIA Units) and E3662B (2.0 m, 41 EIA Units) rack cabinets have a variety of options. Each rack is delivered fully assembled and ready to use. Each rack comes with sides, vented rear door, and one PDU (either 110 V or 220 V). Factory installed PDUs are available in a 100-120 V North American configuration (AW3) or a 200-240 V International configuration (AW5). See the table on page 11 for descriptions and ordering information. You can add a second PDU easily at a later...

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Rack Cabinets ► 1.6 m and 2.0 m Rack Cabinets Description of Factory Installed Options PDUs include: Forehead bezel with lighted switch, dual circuit breakers, IEC-320 upper receptacle for fan or other use. North American PDU 100-120 V, 15 A 1 IEC-320 C-13 and 9 NEMA 5-15R Receptacles, 2 m cord with 5-20 P non-locking plug (To add a 2nd PDU by yourself, order accessory E4455-67000) For Europe: Order E3661BE-AW5R or E3662BE-AW5R European PDU 200-240 V, 15 A 1 IEC-320 C-19 and 10 C-13 Receptacles, 2 m cord with no plug, user installs local plug (To add a 2nd PDU by yourself, order accessory...

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