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Agilent E6607A EXT Wireless Communications Test Set Make the move to non-signaling test with the EXT: Achieve the most cost-effective way to manufacture next-generation wireless devices The Agilent Technologies EXT wireless communications test set has just the capability you need to reduce manufacturing costs in today’s competitive environment. With fast measurements and flexible sequencer techniques, the EXT works in sync with chipset test modes to speed calibration and verification of the latest smartphones and other wireless devices. The EXT is a one-box test set that integrates an innovative test sequencer, vector signal analyzer (VSA), vector signal generator (VSG), and multi-format hardware. Fast, standards-compliant measurements and modulation analysis capabilities are based on the proven measurement algorithms of the Agilent X-Series signal analyzers. Unique, graphical Sequence Studio software for the EXT dramatically simplifies test plan creation and reduces the need for test programming support. And you can use the industry standard Signal Studio software with the EXT to automatically create complex test waveforms.

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Develop and optimize test plans faster. The EXT provides extensive, easyto-use tools that simplify code generation and reuse, measurement correlation and troubleshooting, and implementation of measurement routines. Increase throughput in high volume production. The EXT improves your test throughput with a host of standard features, including a powerful sequence analyzer, fast frequency and amplitude switching, individually settable measurement steps, deep measurement capture and long arb waveform playback, built-in PAvT and calibration measurements, a flexible 4-port RFIO, and more. Protect...

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