DSO5052A 5000 Series Oscilloscope: 500 MHz, 2 channels


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DSO5052A 5000 Series Oscilloscope: 500 MHz, 2 channels - 1

Agilent InfiniiVision 5000 Series Portable Oscilloscopes Data Sheet The Next Generation of Portable Oscilloscopes

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DSO5052A 5000 Series Oscilloscope: 500 MHz, 2 channels - 2

2 • 100, 300, and 500 MHz bandwidths • 2 or 4 channels • MegaZoom III memory and display technology • 8 Mpts acquisition memory • Up to 100,000 waveforms per second real-time update rate (page 5) • High-definition XGA (1024 x 768) display with 256 levels of intensity grading • Triggering and hardware accelerated decode for I2C, SPI, I2S, FlexRay, MIL-STD 1553, CAN, LIN and RS-232/UART (page 6) • Up to 12 bits of vertical resolution, even in single-shot acquisitions (page 7) • Complete connectivity – standard (page 6) • USB (2 host, 1 device), LAN, GPIB, XGA display out • Full remote...

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DSO5052A 5000 Series Oscilloscope: 500 MHz, 2 channels - 3

3 If you haven’t purchased an Agilent oscilloscope lately, why should you consider one now? Leading-edge technology for all scope users The InfiniiVision 5000 Series oscilloscopes leverage the same third-generation MegaZoom III technology blocks used in our higher performance bench and lab oscilloscopes – responsive deep memory, fast update rates with minimal “dead time,” analog-like display systems, and integrated serial analysis – and deliver them in a compact package, at a price similar to oscilloscopes with older technology blocks. Industry-leading customer support As the world’s...

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DSO5052A 5000 Series Oscilloscope: 500 MHz, 2 channels - 4

4 Why does deep memory matter? See more time Seeing more time is the most easily understood use of deep memory. The more samples you acquire, the more time you can see at a particular sample rate. Long capture times give you better visibility into cause-effect relationships in your design, which greatly simplifies root-cause debugging. It also allows you to capture start-up events (like the start-up sequence in Figure 1) in a single acquisition. You don’t have to stitch together multiple acquisitions or set precise triggering conditions. Spend less time finding events, and more time...

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DSO5052A 5000 Series Oscilloscope: 500 MHz, 2 channels - 5

5 Why does a fast update rate matter? If the human eye has trouble discerning above 30-50 frames per second, is there really a difference between 3,600 and 100,000 waveforms per second? If you know what you’re looking for, the answer is probably “no.” However, if you are hunting for unknown signal anomalies or characterizing jitter, the answer is “yes.” Acquisition time Dead time Acquisition time Dead time Figure 3. Reducing the dead time between acquisitions … Figure 4. … improves your chances of finding random events like glitches 5000 Series TDS3000B WaveSurfer 400 Update Rate (...

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DSO5052A 5000 Series Oscilloscope: 500 MHz, 2 channels - 6

6 Software options Figure 7. Real-time totalize functions provide CAN bus efficiency and quality measurement statistics CAN/LIN triggering and decode (N5424A or Option AMS on new scope purchases) Trigger on and decode serially transmitted data based on CAN and LIN protocols. This application not only provides triggering on complex serial signals, but also provides unique hardware-accelerated decode capabilities. Hardware-assisted triggering and decode guarantees you will never miss a trigger event or anomaly – unlike other scopes that have triggering dead time between acquisitions. This...

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DSO5052A 5000 Series Oscilloscope: 500 MHz, 2 channels - 7

7 RS-232/UART serial decode and trigger (N5457A or Option 232 on new scope purchases) The application lets you easily view the information sent over a RS-232 or other UART serial bus. Display realtime time-aligned decode of transmit and receive lines. The application also enables triggering on RS-232/UART conditions. Figure 9. Trigger on and decode RS-232/UART transmission Segmented memory (N5454A or Option SGM on new scope purchases) Segmented memory optimizes available memory for data streams that have long dead times between activity. The application is most useful for analyzing signal...

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DSO5052A 5000 Series Oscilloscope: 500 MHz, 2 channels - 8

8 Other nice features High resolution mode Offers up to 12 bits of vertical resolution in real-time, single-shot mode. This is accomplished by serially filtering sequential data points and mapping the filtered results to the display when operating at base time settings greater than 10 ìs/div. Help is at your fingertips An embedded help system – available in 11 languages – gives you quick answers if you don’t understand a feature. Simply press and hold the corresponding front-panel key, and a screen pops up to explain its function (Figure 13). Waveform math with FFT Analysis functions...

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DSO5052A 5000 Series Oscilloscope: 500 MHz, 2 channels - 9

9 Figure 15. View and analyze previously acquired scope data on a PC-based offline tool Other nice features (continued) Peak detect 250 ps peak detect on 500-MHz models, 500 ps on 300-MHz models and 1 ns on 100-MHz models helps you find narrow glitches. AutoProbe interface Automatically sets probe attenuation factors and provides power for selected Infiniium active probes, including the award-winning 1130A 1.5-GHz InfiniiMax differential active probe and 1156A 1.5-GHz single-ended active probe systems. 5-digit hardware counter Measures frequency up to the bandwidth of the scope. Trig Out...

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DSO5052A 5000 Series Oscilloscope: 500 MHz, 2 channels - 10

Probing To get the most out of your scope, you need the right probes and accessories for your application. That’s why Agilent Technologies offers a complete family of innovative passive and active probes for the 5000 Series scopes to help you get your job done easily. For more comprehensive information, refer to the Agilent 6000 and 5000 Series Oscilloscope Probes and Accessories Data Sheet (Agilent publication number 5968-8153EN/ENUS) or visit www.agilent.com/find/scope_probes. Selection guide N2863A (shipped with 10073C 100 MHz and (shipped with 10076A N2771A 10070C 300 MHz models) 500...

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DSO5052A 5000 Series Oscilloscope: 500 MHz, 2 channels - 11

Selection guide (continued) Current probes Description 1147A 50-MHz 115 A current probe, AC/DC 1146A 100-kHz current probe, AC/DC N2780A 2-MHz/500 A current probe, AC/DC N2781A 10-MHz/150 A current probe, AC/DC N2782A 50-MHz/30 A current probe, AC/DC N2783A 100-MHz/30 A current probe, AC/DC N2779A Power supply for N278xA Active single-ended probes Description 1141A 200-MHz differential probe 1144A 800-MHz active probe 1145A 2-channel 750-MHz active probe 1142A Power supply for 1144A/1145A 1156A 1.5-GHz active probe Active differential probes Description N2790A 100 MHz, 1.4 kV high-voltage...

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