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CXA X-Series Signal Analyzer N9000A • 9 kHz up to 26.5 GHz frequency range • Up to +17 dBm TOI, –163 dBm DANL • ± 0.50 dB absolute amplitude accuracy • Up to 25 MHz analysis bandwidth • 9 kHz up to 6 GHz tracking generator

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What is X-Series Signal Analysis? Future-ready Optimize your investment and extend instrument longevity with upgradeable processor, memory, connectivity, and more to keep your test assets current today and tomorrow. Consistent measurement framework Achieve measurement integrity across your organization and drive more productivity in less time by leveraging a proven foundation for signal analysis and identical operation across the X-Series instruments. Analysis bandwidth Displayed average noise level (DANL) Frequency ranges Stay ready, stay in sync, and arrive ahead—with the Agilent...

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CXA X-Series - 3

Master the essentials in manufacturing test With general-purpose signal analysis and a variety of license key upgradable measurement applications, you can quickly and easily reconfigure the CXA to fit changing requirements in manual or automated testing. You can also improve system uptime with the proven reliability of the X-Series technology platform. A great low-cost signal analyzer surpasses the basics and delivers crucial functionality. That’s the strength of the CXA signal analyzer, the leading low-cost tool for essential signal characterization. Its capabilities provide a foundation...

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CXA X-Series - 4

Add Dependable Signal Analysis to Manufacturing Test You can upgrade! Options can be added after your initial purchase. Most X-Series options are license-key upgradeable. The CXA is ideal for manual or automated testing of RF and microwave components such as amplifiers and filters, as well as electronic products such as cordless phones, wireless LAN routers, and wireless paging systems. Whether you are pursuing cost-reduction initiatives or greater throughput, the flexible, dependable CXA can enhance your manufacturing process. Measurement capabilities include general-purpose spectrum...

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CXA X-Series - 5

Control Costs with Essential R&D Measurements Whether you’re rapidly updating a next-generation product or revising an existing design, the CXA can help you perform signal characterization for testing, verification, and troubleshooting. The CXA’s built-in capabilities allow you to obtain essential measurements of frequency, level, spurious, and distortion without overspending your budget. For example, you can quickly measure spurs and harmonics by leveraging the speed and solid DANL performance of the CXA. In addition, you can make onebutton measurements such as channel power, adjacent...

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CXA X-Series - 6

Enhance Theory with Practical Skills in Your Educational Lab Help students explore RF concepts The Agilent N9320BK-TR1 RF training kit can help students explore concepts in RF basics, circuit design, and communication systems. The kit includes RF transceiver training boards, lab sheets, lecture materials, and a measurement automation program (in Agilent VEE Pro format). When performing the exercises, the N9310A signal generator is a useful companion to the CXA signal analyzer. Whether their goal is to perform research or work in industry, the next generation of RF and microwave engineers...

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CXA X-Series - 7

CXA Front and Rear Panels View traces, results, and status easily on the 21.4 cm, high resolution XGA display. Built-in PowerSuite for easy one-button power measurements. Built-in tracking generator for low-cost scalar network analysis or additional 75 Ω input for cable TV analysis (on models up to 7.5 GHz frequency range). Send and receive SCPI commands over the GPIB interface. Increase, decrease, or mute the speaker volume. Control the CXA remotely with an external PC through the type-B USB 2.0 interface. Evaluate noise figure using SNS or 346 Series noise sources and the W9069A...

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CXA X-Series - 8

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