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Agilent WaferPro Express Software - 1

WaferPro Express Efficient and powerful automated measurement test platform for wafer-level characterization Automated On-Wafer Measurement Software Agilent Technologies

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Agilent WaferPro Express Software - 2

Features At A Glance • WaferPro Express is a key component of Agilent Technologies and Cascade Microtech Wafer-level Measurement Solutions (WMS). These system solutions are prevalidated to minimize the time to first measurement and provide accurate and repeatable device and component characterization. WMS delivers guaranteed system configuration, installation and support (Figure 1). • The modern and simple to use interface reduces time to first measurement on newly assembled measurement systems and simplifies the everyday procedure of setting up automated measurements. • Large library of...

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Agilent WaferPro Express Software - 3

About WaferPro Express In a typical R&D device characterization lab, the integration of measurement equipment such as benchtop instruments, wafer probers and other components can be a very complex and daunting task. Often times, it takes months to integrate all the parts and accessories and get the system up and running to execute the very first measurements. Each one of the components generally comes with its own firmware or software control and the integration is left to the end user who often needs to rely either on solid programming skills or use of specialized test software that only...

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Agilent WaferPro Express Software - 4

Product Overview In order to efficiently setup and manage wafer-level automated measurements, WaferPro Express provides the following components in a convenient and easy to use user interface. Figure 1 shows the WaferPro Express main window. • Interface to instruments and prober systems that are connected to the controlling PC via GPIB bus. WaferPro supports several types and brands of GPIB, LAN to GPIB, USB to GPIB interfaces on both Windows and LINUX systems. See Table 6 for list of supported interfaces. • Turnkey built-in drivers for a variety of Agilent and non-Agilent instruments,...

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Agilent WaferPro Express Software - 5

Product Overview (continued) f demoProjectOl - WaferPro Express File Edit View Run Tools Help Configuration Options [-Measurement Device Table- Test Plan View Device View Device Device Type Polarity Meas Group Parameters 3 MOS_A © MOSFET N 3 DC;MeasGroupl W=l[0,L=l[,Nf=l 3 MOS_B © MOSFET U 9 DOMeasGroupl W=l[0,L=l[,Nf=l 3 MOS_C © MOSFET N 0 DOMeasGroupl W=l[0,L=l[,Nf=l View Option □ Block &7] Subsite ^ Device Tvpe [7] Polarity M Device InFo □ Auto Temp Set Run Manual Measurement Start/Resume Test Plan Figure 3. WaferPro Express Main Window @ Test/Prober View ■;* Edit/Doc View Wafer Map...

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Agilent WaferPro Express Software - 6

Product Overview (continued) Wafer Data Mapping Viewer W MOSFET_DC* - WaferPro Express File Edit View Run Tools Help Test Plan | Configuration | Options | Project Location Ci/Usei s/v.pi oSOH/examples.DC.'MOSF^DC Seq(On/Off) / Temp / Wafer/ Dies Test Plan View | Device View | Device DeviceType Polarity Meas Group ] DeviceO © MOSFET N 9 DOMeasGroupl Jb:li:Jj> Ll^WM^I^IlA) Simulated Device Device_iyr Routine Wl 15:15:34> IE (l/2|4/&|2/2|4/8j 1/1) Simulated Device Device_20r Routine Wl 15:15:35> E (l/2|4/6 j2/2|6/8 j 1/1) Simulated Device Device_22r Routine Wl 15:15:35> BE (l/2|4/6 |2/2|7/S...

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Agilent WaferPro Express Software - 7

Product Configuration Agilent offers two WaferPro Express configurations (also called bundles). The W8580BP WaferPro Express Core bundle includes the user interface, which allows users to define and manage test plan execution. It also includes all the instrument drivers and drivers for Cascade Microtech probers. The W8581BP WaferPro Express Core and Programming bundle adds the ability to further customize tests by using the Python and PEL programing environment. It also adds the ability to run the test in virtual or simulation mode when a model card or a Spice3 subcircuit of the device...

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Agilent WaferPro Express Software - 8

Supported Cascade Microtech Probers and Software Table 1. Supported Cascade Microtech prober software included with W8580BP and W8581BP Nucleus software Prober bench software Summit 12000 Elite 300 Cascade Microtech prober support is included in both W8580EP/ET and W8581BP/BT bundles. Support for Cascade Microtech’s new prober control software, Velox, will be added later in 2014. Expanded Prober Support Table 2. Expanded prober support included with W8585EP Accretech UF-3000 TEL P8-P12 In addition to this prober support, the W8585EP allows the user to add custom prober drivers. Supported...

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Agilent WaferPro Express Software - 9

Supported Measurement Drivers Table 5. Supported measurement drivers LCRZ measurement drivers Time- domain measurement drivers Noise measurement drivers Instrument supported Agilent E4991A impedance analyzer Agilent E4980A precision LCR meter Agilent 4194 impedance analyzer 1 Agilent 4271 1 MHz dig. capacitance meter 1 Agilent 4275 multi-frequency LCR meter 1 Agilent 4280 2 MHz capacitance meter 1 Agilent 4284 precision LCR meter Agilent 4285 precision LCR meter Agilent 4294A precision LCR meter Agilent B1500A semiconductor device analyzer Agilent B1505A power device analyzer/curve tracer...

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Agilent WaferPro Express Software - 10

Supported GPIB Interfaces Table 6. Supported GPIB Interfaces On LINUX: Description Supported GPIB Interfaces on Linux OS Workstations Part number TAMS L488 GPIB/LAN Interface Agilent LAN/GPIB Gateway Interface TAMS IO Library TAMS High Speed PCI GPIB and TAMS IO Library TAMS IO Library Only TAMS PCI and TAMS IO Library TAMS IO Library TAMS USB GPIB and TAMS IO Library TAMS IO Library Only National Instruments USB-GPIB-HS card with NI 488.2 Software National Instruments PCI-GPIB card with NI 488.2 Software National Instruments PCIe-GPIB card with NI 488.2 Software Part number Agilent GPIB...

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Agilent WaferPro Express Software - 11

Licensed Software Each WaferPro Express module is available in two license versions. 1. A node-locked version that allows the software to execute only on a single workstation or PC. 2. A network-licensed version for execution on multiple workstations or PCs on a network, allowing various workgroups to share the software. Both licenses use the FLEXlm license management system. These two license options can be mixed freely. For example, a node-locked license of an instrument driver package can reside on a workstation or PC in the lab, while a network license for the analysis module can be...

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