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6890N GC The Agilent 6890N GC is a versatile,reliable and proven instrument. It is ideal for R&D and QC laboratories in any industry that requires versatility and a wide range of capabilities. Built- in local area networking (LAN) allows you to share data across sites. For a broad range of applications whengas compositions must be measured, theres no better choice than AgilentҒs line of Micro GCs. Portable versionsallow you to take the GC to the sam- ple source. With Agilent Micro GCs, you get results in as little as 120 seconds rather than hours. > Small FootprintՕExpanded inlet offering:...

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Agilent Technologies - Catalog - 4

DESCRIPTION*PRODUCT NO. 6890N Gas Chromatograph Mainframe G1530N Product Installation G1530N#44K Familiarization at Installation G1530N#44L Installation Qualification G1530N#44U Operational Qualification/Performance Verification G1530N#44V 6890N Series Gas Chromatograph G1540N For custom configurations.* 6890N GC for 5973 MSD G1942N > *Call your local Agilent sales representative or authorized Agilent distributor.

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Agilent Technologies - Catalog - 5

The Easiest Way to Change Inlet Liners! Agilents new Flip Top Inlet Sealing System is adevice designed to allow the user to safely and reliably change an inlet liner in as little as 30 seconds without tools.Available exclusively from Agilent, for Agilent GCs.View the demonstration video > Split/Splitless 100 psi capillary injection port G1552AG1530N #112 Split/Splitless 150 psi capillary injection port G1560AG1530N #113 Packed column injection port G1551AG1530N #102 Cool-on-column capillary injection port G1554AG1530N #122 PTV inlet with septumless head,...

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Agilent Technologies - Catalog - 7

DESCRIPTIONPRODUCT NO.6850 OPTION NO.6850 Series II Gas Chromatograph* G2630B Includes 6-button front panel with 2-line display, built-in G2630A interface for the 7683 autoinjector, RS-232, analog out. Purged-packed inletG2651AG2630B #102 Split/splitless capillary inlet G2652AG2630B #112 150 psi capillary split/splitless inletG3343BG2630B #113 Cool-on-column inletG3344BG2630B #122 Septumless PTV inletG3345BG2630B #130 Septum head PTV inletG3346BG2630B #131 FIDG2621AG2630B #210 Micro ECDG2397ABG2630B #231 TCDG2623AG2630B #220 Single FPDG3348AG2630B #2406850 Hand-held controller G2629A >...

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Agilent Technologies - Catalog - 8

DESCRIPTIONPRODUCT NO.3000 Micro GC. Single-channel > (optional 2nd channel is available) G2801A Heated gas chromatograph with thermal conductivity detector (TCD). Also includes installation and familiarization. > 3 or 4 channel Micro GC with TCD detectorG2802ANatural Gas AnalyzerG2803A > Two-channel micro GC system designed to analyze thermal content of natural gas streams and report analytical results in accordance with GPA, ASTM, and ISO calculation standards. Analyzer includes instrument, software, natural gas calibration kit, installation and familiarization. Refinery Gas Analyzer...

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Agilent Technologies - Catalog - 9

7683B Autoinjector module ( 8 sample turrets)G2913A 7683 Autosampler tray module for 6890N and PlusG2614A 7683/6890 ALS interface board (6890Plus Only)G2612A 7683 ALS controller (6890A only, serial numbers Autoinjector Bundle G2910A Includes Autoinjector, G2912A controller and 5890II Autoinjector bracket . 7683 Autosampler tray module for 5890 Series IIG2916A ALS Tray upgrade kit (5890II to 6890 upgrade)G2917A Bar code readerG2615A > 6850 Automatic Liquid SamplerG2880A Can hold up to 27 2-mL vials or 22 4-mL vials using the optional turret accessory (G2880-64010). 7683B Autoinjector...

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Agilent Technologies - Catalog - 10

DESCRIPTIONPRODUCT NO.Agilent Network Headspace SamplerG1888A Includes remote cable for 6890/6850/6820, LAN cable and RS-232 cable. Integrated Headspace Control Software for 16 bit ChemstationG2922AA Integrated software for control of G1888A or G1289B/G1290B Headspace sampler by Agilent GC ChemStation. Integrated Headspace Control Software for 32-bit ChemstationG2924AA Integrated Headspace Control for GC/MS (A.01.02 or later) G2923AA EPC Headspace interface kit to a 6890 EPC inletG1940A 7964E Economy Headspace sampler (12 samples)G1883A Support table for Headspace above MSDG1287A >...

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Agilent Technologies - Catalog - 11

New GC/MSD instrument offers improved efficiencies forgreater productivity The 5975 inert MSD is all about reliability and improved performance. Built on the same platform as the popular Agilent 5973 series MSD the best selling GC/MS of all time ֖ the Agilent 5975 inert MSD is a big step forward in reliable performance that leverages new and smarter hardware and software technologies. There have been many improvements in the 5975 inert MSD. > A redesigned mass analyzerՕA more efficient vacuum systemNew intelligent chemical ionization > ՕSuperior performance for active compounds. > Maximum...

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Agilent Technologies - Catalog - 12

MSD Bundles Include a 5975 Inert MSD, high-performance MSD ChemStation, LAN hub and cables. Does not include a 6890 or 6850 GC. EI bundles do not include an ion gauge or gauge controller. 5975 Inert MSD/DS Standard-turbo EI bundle G3242A includes G3171A MSD 5975 Inert MSD/DS Performance-turbo EI bundle G3243A includes G3172A MSD; can be upgraded to both PCI and NCI 5975 Inert XL MSD/DS Performance-turbo CI bundle G3245A (includes G3174A MSD and ion gauge controller G3397A) MSD-Ready 6890 GC BundleG1942N does not include autosampler or autosampler interface board A la Carte MSDs Do not...

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Agilent Technologies - Catalog - 13

Ion Source ▲ DESCRIPTIONPRODUCT NO.5973 Inert MSD Performance Turbo Pump PCI/NCI SystemG1789A Includes MSD, ChemStation, GC/MSD software, PC, printer, and ion gauge controller. For use with 6890N GC. 5973 Inert MSD Performance Turbo Pump EI SystemG1779A Includes MSD, ChemStation, GC/MSD software, PC and printer. For use with 6890N GC. 5973 Inert MSD Standard Turbo EI SystemG1778A Includes MSD, ChemStation, GC/MSD software, and PC, printer. For use with 6890N GC. 5973N MSD-Diffusion EI SystemG1777A Includes MSD, ChemStation, GC/MSD software, PC and printer. 6850/5973N GC/MS SystemG2570A...

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Agilent Technologies - Catalog - 14

Integrated Sample Introduction System (ISIS) Agilents benchtop 7500 Series ICP-MS comprises the standard 7500a, and the 7500ce and 7500cs featuring Octopole Reaction System (ORS) technology. Each system delivers the highest levels of performance for trace metals analysis, while retaining ease of use, flexibility and reliability through automation and excellence in design. Җ automated sample introduction and preparation for increased sample throughput. GC-ICP-MS Interface Ֆ for the seamless separation and elemental detection of volatile species. Plasma Chromatographic Software Ֆintegral and...

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