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power product solutions test and measurement needs

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Introduction No surprises from Agilent – delivering high-quality power products for more than 50 years. Since power supplies are used in such a wide variety of applications, Agilent offers a full line of DC and AC power supplies to meet your test requirements. Our family starts with high-value basic power supplies and goes up to high-performance products. In addition, we have specialty power supplies and three modular power supplies to give you the lexibility you need in test system development. For whatever application or industry you work in, Agilent power supplies offer excellent...

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Power Supply Categories Basic Affordable, quiet and stable power supplies for both manual and simple computer-controlled operation. The Agilent line of basic power supplies is optimized to provide DC power in applications where speed and accuracy are a low consideration. These power supplies are a high-value it for the bench and in a system rack. Performance Speed, accuracy and advanced programming features make the performance power supplies the right choice when the DC power supply is a factor in test performance. With features such as DUT protection, fast programming times and...

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Selecting the Right DC Power Supply For Your Application When you need just a basic power supply, it’s quite easy to pick the right one based on your voltage and current requirements. The voltage and current tables are found on pages 8 – 9. From there you can go to the product page(s) for more detail. When you have specialized requirements that need features such as source and measure, it is quite easy to select from a set of power supplies that are designed exactly for those requirements. Refer to page 19 for specialty power products. But when you have more complex requirements and you...

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OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS CONTINUED OUTpUT RESpONSE Use this specification to select the power supply that is fast enough for your application. FAST output response <15 ms When the setpoint changes it will take some time before the output reaches the setting. How fast it reaches the setpoint is a result of its regulation design and the output bandwidth. The specifications are typically for a voltage change from 10% to 90% of its rated output or a load change of 50% to 100%. MEDIUM output response <200 ms CONTROL COMpUTER INTERFACE Specify power supplies with the appropriate hardware and...

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PACkAGING pHYSICAl SIzE Use the size specification to match bench or system use. HALF rack Agilent power supplies have standard EIA 19-inch rack dimensions. The width is either half rack width or full rack width while the height ranges from 1U to 5U (1.75 in to 8.57 in). While any size can be used on the bench or in a system rack, the half rack width is generally better for bench applications while the full rack width works well in system racks. Of special note is the 1U height of the N5700 and N6700 Series. FRONT OR REAR OUTpUT TERMINAlS Select the model with its output terminals in the...

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SPECIALTY DUT pROTECTION Select power supplies with DUT protection whenever your load may be damaged by over voltage or over current. pOWER ARBITRARY WAVEFORMS Select power supplies with a LIST feature whenever your device requires the power input to change over time. To produce an output that changes over time, some power supplies have a built-in memory that can be pre-programmed with a list of setpoints. This eliminates a step-by-step interaction between the host computer and the power supply while simplifying the test program. OUTpUT DISCONNECT OR pOlARITY REVERSAl Select power supplies...

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DC Voltage and Current At a Glance Voltage ranges: 5 V to 40 V Model numbers * power modules that require a modular mainframe (66000 Series, N6700 Series, N6705, E4360 Series) ** Dual range power supplies; r1 denotes range 1; r2 denotes range 2

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DC Voltage and Current At a Glance CONTINUED Voltage ranges: 50 V to 1500 V Model numbers * power modules that require a modular mainframe (66000 Series, N6700 Series, N6705, E4360 Series) ** Dual range power supplies; r1 denotes range 1; r2 denotes range 2

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E3600 and U8000 Series Basic Power Supplies Essential features for a tight budget When you need reliable power with minimal features, you can rely on the E3600 and U8000 Series basic power supplies. The E3600 Series offers an extensive choice of voltages, programmability, and number of outputs. The U8000 Series offers more affordable DC power and provides features typical only in programmable power supplies, such as output sequencing capability, fully integrated overvoltage and overcurrent protection, capability to save and recall up to three memory states, keypad lock and more. • 30 w to...

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6030 Series Basic Autoranging DC Power Supplies Autoranging to do the job of multiple power supplies The 6030 Series basic power supplies offer autoranging outputs that give you maximum power at a variety of operating voltages. This enables you to use one power supply to do the job of multiple power supplies, saving rack space and reducing your system complexity. • 240 w to 1200 w outputs, up to 500 V, and up to 120 A • Built-in measurements and advance programming features simplify system design Autoranging Output • Full protection from over voltage and over current • Computer control via...

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N5700 Series and N8700 Series Basic DC Power Supplies Space-saving basic power with modern interfaces Now get up to 5200 W in a compact, 2U package with the N8700 Series or up to 1560 W in a compact, 1U package with the N5700 Series. Both series offers solid performance and a variety of basic and enhanced capabilities. • Built-in protection features such as OVP, OCP, UVL, and OTP • Front panel control and advanced programmable features • Built-in measurements • Connect multiple supplies in parallel or series for greater output current or voltage respectively • Analog control and monitoring...

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NEw N8900 Series Autoranging System DC Power Supplies High-power, autoranging output does the job of multiple supplies The N8900 Series autoranging DC power supplies provide unprecedented lexibility by offering a wide range of voltage and current combinations at full power. Just one N8900 does the job of multiple power supplies! It’s like having many power supplies in one! • Up to 1500 V, up to 510A • Control via GPIB, USB, LAN (LXI Core), and analog programming • Protection from over-voltage, overcurrent and over-temperature • Easily parallel to create “one” power supply with >100 kw of...

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