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Agilent PNA and  PNA-L Series  Microwave Network Analyzers - 1

PNA-L Series Microwave Network Analyze The standard in microwave network analysis

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Agilent PNA and  PNA-L Series  Microwave Network Analyzers - 2

PNA Family Sets the Standard for Microwave Network Analysis Choose the leader The PNA family builds on Agilent’s 45-year legacy of excellence in network analysis to deliver new standards in performance, speed, accuracy, and versatility for microwave component test. The PNA family includes: PNA-X Series - Agilent’s most advanced and flexible network analyzer, providing complete linear and nonlinear component characterization in a single instrument with a single set of connections PNA Series - the industry’s highest performing network analyzer, offering many advanced measurement applications...

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Agilent PNA and  PNA-L Series  Microwave Network Analyzers - 3

Complete Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications In addition to being very capable standalone network analyzers, PNA and PNA-L instruments often form the core of more advanced measurement systems to serve a variety of microwave measurement applications. IS? PNA Series Network Analyzer Help Future-proof your micro- wave component testing All members of the PNA family share a common software platform that makes it easy to choose just the right level of performance to match your budget and measurement needs. This commonality guarantees measure- ment consistency and repeatability interface...

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Agilent PNA and  PNA-L Series  Microwave Network Analyzers - 4

Innovative Features Across The PNA Family Flexible user interface: hard keys, soft keys, pull-down menus, and touch screen Configurable test set available on all models 200 measurement channels and unlimited traces Linear, log, power, CW, phase, and segment sweep State-of-the-art calibration capabilities Equation editor and time-domain analysis Built-in Help Quick access for ECal and other USB devices All PNA models integrate a high resolution display with a touch screen, which provides a crisp view and easy access to all data and traces. This enhanced user interface allows intuitive...

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Agilent PNA and  PNA-L Series  Microwave Network Analyzers - 5

Connectivity to Match Your Application LAN and device-side USB interfaces provide alternatives to GPIB for remote programming Direct IF access for remote mixing in antenna ranges Second GPIB interface for controlling signal sources, power meters or other instruments Removeable hard drive for secure environments PNA Series provides advanced connectivity Pulse I/O connector for controlling external modulators or synchronizing internal pulse generators models Test set I/O for controlling external multiport and millimeter-wave test sets Flexible triggers for measurement control and for...

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Agilent PNA and  PNA-L Series  Microwave Network Analyzers - 6

The PNA Series of network analyzers offers industry-leading performance for testing amplifiers, mixers and frequency converters. The PNA Series provides a winning combination of excellent hardware and powerful measurement applications to measure a broad range of devices fast and accurately. All models are available in source versions. Pulsed S-parameters are easy using built-in pulse modula- tors and pulse generators. Highest performance • High source output power of+13 • High dynamic range: 127 dB at • Low receiver noise floor • High receiver compression level • Fast measurement speed: 3.6...

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Agilent PNA and  PNA-L Series  Microwave Network Analyzers - 7

rear panel Test port 1 ■ Test port 3 ■ Test port 4 PNA Series block diagram shown with test set Option 419, plus pulse and external-IF options. The new PNA Series network analyzers offer significantly better performance compared to legacy models.

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Agilent PNA and  PNA-L Series  Microwave Network Analyzers - 8

Choose the Right Hardware For Your Test Needs Legacy PNA-L N5230C/ Legacy PNA E836x PNA N522xA PNA-X N524xA PNA-L N523xA 2-ports, single source 2-ports, dual source 4-ports, dual source Test set without front-panel RF loops Test set with front-panel RF loops Switchable rear-panel RF loops Source attenuators Receiver attenuators Bias tees RF, LO outputs for millimeter extenders Internal pulse modulators Internal pulse generators IF gates for narrowband pulse detection R1 reference receiver switch Internal signal combiner Noise figure using standard receivers Noise figure using low-noise...

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Agilent PNA and  PNA-L Series  Microwave Network Analyzers - 9

Pulse Setup: Channel 1 Pube Measurement— Puta width Pulse Paiud PNA Series Innovative Applications Simple, fast, and accurate pulsed-RF measurements (Options 008, 021, 022, 025) Pulsed-RF measurement • Pulse generators and modulators required for pulsed-RF measure- ments add complexity in test analyzer is often too small for wideband detection - Narrowband detection is slow, low duty cycle pulses measurements provide: • A simple user interface for full control of two internal pulse modu- four internal independent pulse • Point-in-pulse measurements with 20 ns minimum pulse width, and pulse...

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Agilent PNA and  PNA-L Series  Microwave Network Analyzers - 10

PNA Series Innovative Applications Fast, accurate gain compression versus frequency measurements of amplifiers and converters (Option 086) Gain compression measurement challenges • Characterizing amplifier or frequency converter compression over its operating frequency range requires measurements at many frequency and power points, so setting up the measurements, calibration, and data manipulation takes a lot of time and effort • A variety of errors degrade measurement accuracy, such as mismatch between the test port and the power sensor and DUT during absolute power measurements, and using...

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Agilent PNA and  PNA-L Series  Microwave Network Analyzers - 11

PNA Series Innovative Applications Fast two-tone intermodulation distortion (IMD) measurements with simple setup (Option 087) IMD measurement challenges • Two signal generators, a spectrum analyzer, and an external combiner are most commonly used, requiring manual setup of all instruments and accessories • Test times are slow when sweptfrequency or swept-power IMD is measured • Instruments and test setups often cause significant measurement errors due to source-generated harmonics, cross-modulation, and phase noise, plus receiver compression and noise floor A 2-port PNA can be used with an...

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Agilent PNA and  PNA-L Series  Microwave Network Analyzers - 12

PNA Series Innovative Applications Fast and accurate noise figure measurements (Option 028) Noise figure measurement challenges with traditional, Y-factor approach • Multiple instruments and multiple connections required to fully characterize DUT • Measurement accuracy degrades in fixtured, on-wafer, and automated-test environments, where noise source cannot be connected directly to DUT • Measurements are slow, often leading to fewer measured data points and misleading results due to under-sampling PNA noise figure solution provides: • Amplifier and frequency converter measurements with the...

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