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Agilent Model Quality Assurance (MQA) Industry Standard SPICE Model Signoff and Acceptance Software Model Quality Assurance (MQA) is a collection of comprehensive SPICE model validation procedures, interfaces and utilities that provide the ability to thoroughly check SPICE model quality and automate QA and reporting procedures for various semiconductor devices. Given today’s advanced technologies and increasing model complexities, validating SPICE models is a significant challenge and can be very time consuming. The matrix of environment compliance across various foundries, technologies, process nodes and simulators, is becoming increasingly complex for many design houses and IDMs to manage. To assure model compliance, a comprehensive, robust, and customizable QA check is required. MQA satisfies this critical industry requirement with the unified, rules-driven, automated QA platform which efficiently integrates standard model libraries into design and flow environment compliance and documents results.

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Key Features • Default checking routines available for the latest BSIM-CMG, BSIM-IMG and BSIM6 model • Rules and checking functions are flexible and fully customizable • Supports Perl and TCL as Scripted-rule • Powerful plotting functions and utilities • Automated measurement QA feature enables to check the quality of mass measurement data • Powerful report generation • Easy sharing of model information • Powerful report generation and customization with Order and Template function • Large signal verification • Quick check syntax and link in library • Support of Load Sharing Facility (LSF)...

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MQA MQA is a unique software product developed to solve the following problems: SPICE model validation is becoming increasingly important and significantly more difficult. This is because: Model validation encompasses much more than just overlaying the measurement results to simulation results of the model • As the channel scales down, second-order physical effects make device modeling more complex. • The quality can only be guaranteed after fixed QA procedures are in place. • After all, measurement is limited to the number of physical devices in the test structure and the resolution of...

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• Quick display of measured device geometry and bias condition • Plot measured device characteristics • Check the trend of ldsat*L, Idsat/W and Customizable Checking Rules • Customize checking criteria and define sweeping range • Add your own rules and check new Powerful Plotting • Check scale, zoom in/out and digitalize the plots and apply math functions • All plots can be saved to a graphic file • The curves can also be displayed in a • Plot Smith Chart, polar chart and noise • Easily view the previously generated

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Equation Viewer Subckt Parameter Viewer This feature outputs model equations and automatically calculates the parameter values, OP values and intermediate vari- able values in the equations. This helps users to easily debug model issues and saves effort compared to calculating these values using other means (such as Excel). Check and verify the model parameters versus the instances of the subckt models Lib Explorer is an efficient way to clearly present and setup model libraries; all along, making QAwork easy and straight- forward. Within Lib Explorer, libraries are presented in a tree...

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Integrated Data Flow MQA natively supports IC-CAP WaferPro and WaferPro Express mdm data format and MySQL/ SQLite database. It realizes the seamless data transfer across Agilent’s device modeling platform from measurement, model extraction and model verification. Speedup by parallelism support on multiple levels MQA supports LSF and multiple level parallelism including simulator level, rule level and project level. It maximizes the model QA speed by allowing the user to efficiently utilize the hardware and license resources. MQA’s value proposition Quality Guarantee • Complete QA flow on...

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Supported Model Formats and Platforms • Global model, binning model, and macro (sub-circuit) model III-V FETs, HEMTs and HBTs MOSFETs (BSIM3v3, BSIM4, BSIM6, BSIMSOI, PSP, HiSIM2, HiSIM_HV), MGFETs (BSIM-CMG and BSIMIMG), diodes, BJTs (Gummel-Poon, VBIC, HiCUM, MEXTRAM), and passive devices (resistors, capacitors and inductors) Support platforms: Windows and Linux Supported simulators includes ADS, GoldenGate, HSPICE, Spectre, Eldo, FineSim, SmartSpice, AFS, SPICE3, etc. Product Structure Model Quality Assurance (MQA) provides the complete solution and framework to fabless design companies,...

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