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Agilent Calibration Refresh Modules Agilent Technologies 855xxA/B Series calibration refresh modules, also known as CalPods, provide a new and unique way to quickly and easily refresh a network analyzer calibration. Have you ever wondered right before making a measurement, “is the calibration still valid?” In the middle of a very long testing sequence or when making a critical measurement is not the time to be concerned about whether or not the calibration is still valid! With calibration refresh modules, you can be assured of a valid calibration quickly - at the simple touch of a button, without removing the DUT, and without the physical connection of standards. Calibration Refresh Modules 85523B Calibration Refresh Module Controller 85530B 20 GHz Standard CalPod 85531B 20 GHz Temperature Characterized CalPod 85532B 20 GHz TVAC CalPod 85540A 40 GHz Standard CalPod 85541A 40 GHz Temperature Characterized CalPod 85542A 40 GHz TVAC CalPod There are many applications that benet from the new calibration refresh modules: • Thermal vacuum testing • Temperature chamber testing • Measurement of low-loss devices • Very accurate phase measurements • Applications that require frequent recalibrations • Provide the closest device tolerances in production testing • Applications that have complex and lengthy calibrations, such as multi-port measurements • Measurement of cables installed in aircraft • Remove switch matrix repeatability errors • Remove switch and connector repeatabiltiy errors in complex ATE test systems

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Agilent Calibration Refresh Modules - 2 Setup and Installation Information: The Agilent 855xxA/B Series CalPods and 85523B CalPod Controllers User’s Guide (85523-90005) describes the set up process of all software and hardward required for CalPods, how to conirm operation, and how to use CalPods with an Agilent PNA microwave network analyzer. For more information on Agilent Technologies’ products, applications or services, please contact your local Agilent office. The complete list is available at: Americas Canada Brazil Mexico...

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