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Agilent B1507A Power Device Capacitance Analyzer Automatically evaluate all power device capacitance parameters (including Ciss, Coss, Crss, and Rg) under a wide range of operating voltages Gate Resistance decade V/div.

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Crucial issues facing the power electronics industry Do you understand the full impact of device capacitance on increasing switching power supply frequencies? Switching converter loss P (Switching loss)∝ f * (V * I *⊿T) ∝ Rg, Crss, ½ *Coss * V In general, higher switching frequencies allow power electronics circuits to be physically smaller and take up less area. However, as frequency increases the device on-resistance (Ron) becomes less important, and switching loss and driving loss become the dominant factors that determine overall circuit power loss. A power device’s capacitance...

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The Agilent B1507A meets the challenges of power device capacitance evaluation With the increasing use of power devices fabricated from emerging new materials such as SiC and GaN, switching power supplies are operating at increasingly higher frequencies. This makes accurate device capacitance characterization more important than ever before. The B1507A Power Device Capacitance Analyzer meets this need, providing a complete solution for the evaluation of power device capacitance (such as input, output, and reverse transfer capacitances). The B1507A can help power device development engineers...

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Measure device junction capacitances accurately and automatically Measure capacitance at DC biases of up to 3 kV The drain or collector terminal of a power device is often exposed to high voltages when it is off, which determines the value of its junction capacitances at the moment it turns on. Therefore, understanding how device capacitance changes with applied voltage is very important for power electronics circuit designers. Knowing the true value of device capacitance at a specific voltage and the calculated voltage the device will experience in a circuit allows you to select a power...

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Extensive range of capabilities meets both current and future capacitance measurement needs Easily measure normally-on device capacitances The faster switching frequencies and higher operating temperatures of normally-on power devices such as GaN FETs and SiC JFETs have made their use in power circuits more common. Due to their higher operating frequencies, it is extremely important to understand and characterize the capacitance characteristics of these normally-on devices so as to minimize switching losses. However, measuring the capacitance characteristics of a normally-on device adds an...

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Achieve accurate results immediately without the need for training or measurement expertise Intuitive user interface and simplified cabling connections eliminate the need for product The B1507A has a unique software interface that simplifies power device capacitance evaluation.. The B1507A is also supplied with a library of test setups for common devices such as MOSFETs and IGBTs, which allows you to unpack the instrument and start measuring device capacitances immedi- ately. Moreover, it is easy to customize the furnished setups as well as to create new ones from scratch if needed. The...

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Key specifications and ordering guide Key Specification Capacitance measurement Frequency range Capacitance range Collector/ Drain channel Current Gate channel Voltage Current Capacitance characteristics Device Capacitance Ciss, Coss, Coss_eff, Cgs, Cgd, Cds, Cies, Coes, Cres Gate Resistance Static characteristics Gate leakage current Igss, Iges Output leakage current Idss, Ices Breakdown voltage BVds, BVces Threshold voltage 1. Target device: MOSFET, IGBT, Diode / Device type: Package, Module, Wafer Ordering Information Model number Description Power Device Capacitance Analyzer Power line...

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myAgilent myAgilent A personalized view into the information most relevant to you. Three-Year Warranty Beyond product specification, changing the ownership experience. Agilent is the only test and measurement company that offers three-year warranty on all instruments, worldwide. Agilent Assurance Plans Five years of protection and no budgetary surprises to ensure your instruments are operating to specifications and you can continually rely on accurate measurements....

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