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• Gain greater insight with high-resolution FFT-based spectrum, time and modulation domain analysis • Measure your signal: the 89600 VSA software supports more than 75 signal standards and modulation types • Analyze and troubleshoot signals in cellular, wireless- connectivity, aerospace, defense, satellite and general-purpose • Apply vector signal analysis at virtually any point in your design, from simulation to production, baseband to RF Anticipate_Accelerate_Achieve :•.••/ Agilent Technologies

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Tools to Demodulate and Analyze Your Most Complex Signals Development becomes more complex when faster data rates intersect with today’s crowded spectral environment. Finding a signal problem is essential—but achieving the clarity to pinpoint the answer is the crucial challenge. The 89600 VSA software is a comprehensive set of tools for demodulation and vector signal analysis. These tools enable you to explore virtually every facet of a signal and optimize your most advanced designs. As you assess the tradeoffs, the 89600 VSA helps you see through the complexity. Characterize the complex...

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Test today’s signals and be ready for tomorrow’s standards and modulations With the 89600 VSA software, you can measure more than 75 signal standards and modulation types for cellular communications, wireless connectivity, MILCOM, satellite communications and more. The 89600 VSA software also lets you leverage Agilent’s consistent track record of being irst to market with support for emerging standards, even before they are fully ratiied. Verify the latest WLAN signals with 802.11ac demodulation and analysis. Over 75 signal standards and modulation types ● Cellular communications: LTE-...

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multiple signals at once The industry's first multi-measurement capability can configure, execute and display multiple measurements measurements can be created and stored in memory, available to run instantly. Connect to multiple analyzers at the same time, or use a single multi-channel instrument, to acquire signals from different test points or frequency bands in parallel. Powerful display tools enable comparison and correlation of results from different measurements. Characterize power envelope tracking designs Complex stimulus-response measurements provide the ability to measure and...

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Pinpoint the Solution with Advanced Troubleshooting Tools You can reach deeper into signals to ind the root cause of problems with measurements in the time, frequency and modulation domains. Quantify spectral performance with high-resolution, FFT-based measurements and a rich set of markers. Analyze time-domain signal quality using features like time gating, CCDF, and auto-correlation. Characterize complex modulation schemes with constellation, EVM, decoded bits, and more. In addition to standard tools like constellations, IQ parameters and overall EVM, the 89600 VSA software provides: ●...

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View multiple facets of complex signals—simulta- cal user interface (GUI) helps you see more and with greater clarity. It enables you to pinpoint problems with arbitrary arrangement and flexible siz- ing of unlimited traces at once, each with unlimited markers. Build the test view you need to optimize your signal Perform detailed analysis of dy- namic signal behaviors with advanced display types and triggering. Use spectrogram, digital persistence and cumulative history displays to help view dynamic frequency and ampli- tude behavior over time. Catch elusive signals with flexible magnitude...

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Agilent 89600 VSA Software - 7

Powerful GUI ● View unlimited traces, each with unlimited markers ● Adjust trace shape to extend event observation time or increase viewable data ● Optimize trace arrangement to see signal patterns and study interactions ● Assign any measurement to any trace to analyze sophisticated signals, such as LTE-Advanced and 802.11ac On trace with “hotspots” provide convenient, quick measurement set-up and control ● Deine and run multiple independent measurements, simultaneously ● Create multiple trace windows to organize results Logic Analyzer Accelerate development with a consistent set of tools...

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Additional Resources Literature 89600 VSA Software Configuration Guide, literature number 5990-6386EN For more information on Agilent Technologies’ products, applications or services, please contact your local Agilent office. The complete list is available at: To learn more about the 89600, visit Agilent’s website at myAgilent A personalized view into the information most relevant to you. LAN eXtensions for Instruments puts the power of Ethernet and the Web inside your test systems. Agilent is a founding member...

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