6690A 6600-Watt System Power Supply, 15V, 440A


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Agilent Models 6690A-6692A System dc Power Supply Data Sheet Agilent Technologies Minimize your testing downtime with this reliable, high power dc supply • Low ripple & noise • Fast up-and-down programming • High accuracy current programming and read back • Industry standard SCPI programming commands • Analog programming • Analog monitoring • Parallel connection for more current output • Full protection from overcurrent, overvoltage overtemperature • Remote sense • Electronic calibration • Standard 1-year warranty

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6690A 6600-Watt System Power Supply, 15V, 440A - 2

The 6690A Series is dc power you can depend on. At the 6600 watt power level, it’s not easy to design a reliable dc power supply. Agilent Technologies builds in ruggedness and durability, to meet even the grueling needs of continuous stress testing in harsh environments. During the development phase, Agilent power supplies undergo a battery of environmental tests such as 8-days temperature profile. Other tests include humidity, altitude, shock and vibration, ESD, ac line tests, EMC and RFI. The power supplies are designed with built-in margin so that they can meet their specifications over...

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6690A 6600-Watt System Power Supply, 15V, 440A - 3

Parameter Agilent Model Number 6690A 6691A 6692A Output Ratings Voltage: 0-15 V 0-30 V 0-60 V Current:* 0-440 A 0-220 A 0-110 A *Derated linearly 1%/°C from 40°C to 55°C Programming Accuracy (@ 25 ±5°C) Voltage: 0.04% + 15 mV 30 mV 60 mV Current: 0. l % + 230 mA 125 mA 65 mA Ripple & Noise (from 20 Hz to 20 MHz with outputs ungrounded, or with either output terminal grounded) Constant Voltage: rms 2.5 mV 2.5 mV 1.5 mV Constant Voltage: p-p 15 mV 25 mV 25 mV Constant Current:** rms 200 mA 50 mA 30 mA **With load inductance >5 ìH. Readback Accuracy (from front panel or over GPIB with respect...

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6690A 6600-Watt System Power Supply, 15V, 440A - 4

Agilent Technologies’ Test and Measurement Support, Services, and Assistance Agilent Technologies aims to maximize the value you receive, while minimizing your risk and problems. We strive to ensure that you get the test and measurement capabilities you paid for and obtain the support you need. Our extensive support resources and services can help you choose the right Agilent products for your applications and apply them successfully. Every instrument and system we sell has a global warranty. Support is available for at least five years beyond the production life of the product. Two...

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