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Agilent 34401A Multimeter Uncompromising Performance for Benchtop and System Testing Product Overview • Measure up to 1000 volts with 61/2 digits resolution • 0.0015% basic dcV accuracy (24 hour) • 0.06% basic acV accuracy (1 year) • 3 Hz to 300 kHz ac bandwidth • 1000 readings/s direct to GPIB Superior Performance The Agilent Technologies 34401A multimeter gives you the performance you need for fast, accurate bench and system testing. The 34401A provides a combination of resolution, accuracy and speed that rivals DMMs costing many times more. 61/2 digits of resolution, 0.0015% basic 24-hr dcV accuracy and 1,000 readings/s direct to GPIB assure you of results that are accurate, fast, and repeatable. Use It on Your Benchtop The 34401A was designed with your bench needs in mind. Functions commonly associated with bench operation, like continuity and diode test, are built in. A Null feature allows you to remove lead resistance and other fixed offsets in your measurements. Other capabilities like min/max/avg readouts and direct dB and dBm measurements make checkout with the 34401A faster and easier. The 34401A gives you the ability to store up to 512 readings in internal memory. For trouble-shooting, a reading hold feature lets you concentrate on placing your test leads without having to constantly glance at the display. Use It for Systems Testing For systems use, the 34401A gives you faster bus throughput than any other DMM in its class. The 34401A can send up to 1,000 readings/s directly across GPIB in user-friendly ASCII format. You also get both GPIB and RS-232 interfaces as standard features. Voltmeter Complete and External Trigger signals are provided so you can synchronize to other instruments in your test system. In addition, a TTL output indicates Pass/Fail results when limit testing is used. To ensure both forward and backward compatibility, the 34401A includes three command languages (SCPI, Agilent 3478A and Fluke 8840A /42A), so you don’t have to rewrite your existing test software. An optional rack mount kit is available. Easy to Use Commonly accessed attributes, such as functions, ranges, and resolution are selected with a single button press. Advanced features are available using menu functions that let you optimize the 34401A for your applications. The included Agilent IntuiLink software allows you to put your captured data to work easily, using PC applications such as Microsoft Excel® or Word® to analyze, interpret, display, print, and document the data you get from the 34401A. You can specify the meter setup and take a single reading or log data to the Excel spreadsheet in specified time intervals. Programmers can use ActiveX components to control the DMM using SCPI commands. To find out more about IntuiLink, visit www.agilent.com/find/intuilink 1-Year Warranty With your 34401A, you get full documentation, a high-quality test lead set, calibration certificate with test data, and a 1-year warranty, all for one low price.

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3 DC Voltage Measurement Method: Continuously integrating multi-slope III A-D converter A-D Linearity: 0.0002% of reading + 0.0001% of range Input Resistance: 10 MÙ or 0.1 V, 1 V, 10 V ranges: Selectable > 10,000 MÙ 100 V, 1000 V ranges: 10 MÙ ±1% Input Bias Current: < 30 pA at 25°C Input Protection: 1000 V all ranges dcV:dcV ratio accuracy: Vinput Accuracy + Vrelevance Accuracy True RMS AC Voltage Measurement Method: AC-coupled true rms-measures the ac component of the input with up to 400 Vdc of bias on any range. Crest Factor: Maximum of 5:1 at full scale. Additional Crest Factor errors...

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Ordering Information Agilent 34401A multimeter accessories included: Test lead kit with probe, alligator, and grabber attachments, operating manual, service manual, calibration certificate, test report, and power cord. Options 34401A-1CM Rack mount kit* (P/N 5063-9240) 34401A-OBO DMM without manuals 34401A-A6J ANSI Z540 compliant calibration Manual Options (Please specify one) 34401A-ABA US English 34401A-ABD German 34401A-ABE Spanish 34401A-ABF French 34401A-ABJ Japanese 34401A-ABZ Italian 34401A-AB0 Taiwan Chinese 34401A-AB1 Korean 34401A-AB2 Chinese 34401A-AKT Russian Agilent Accessories...

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